Chapter 1

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You know how you love someone so much that you start to depend on them so much to the point where you can't imagine life without them. That's how it was for me with my Ex-boyfriend Anthony Brewster. He could do me so dirty, and say something so romantic to have me running right back into his arms, not to mention homeboys dick game was off the chain. We'd always fight, and I'd leave him alone for little while, and we'd be right back together only to fall victim to the cycle all over again. I can remember our fights vividly, like the day he embarrassed the hell out of me in a IHOP.

Flash Back 3 years ago:

I was sitting in the car with my arms folded, this nigga had embarrassed me yet again, and this was the last time I was dealing with it. He comes jogging outside, and gets in the car. "What the hell is your problem?" I ignore him staring straight out of the window. I hear him smack his lips as he began shifting around in his seat. "Where the keys at?" I lift my hand up revealing that I had the keys. He snatches them out of my hand making me look over at him mugging the hell out of the side of his face. He just cranks the car up pulling off. We road in complete silence until we pulled up at his house. I didn't even wait for him to turn the car for me hop out the car. I made my way to my car, and unlock it hopping in as he began shouting my name. He stands in front of the car staring at me. "Get out the car and let's go in the house and talk." I shake my head no cranking up my car. "Come on Melanie, stop being childish and get out the car." My face scrunches up as I look at him like he stupid. "How the hell am I being childish?" "You stormed out of the restaurant like a child, sat in the car with a stupid pout on your face like one, and you bout to drive off without letting me explain." I rolled my eyes, "Was I supposed to continue and sit there while you flirted with that bitch in my face, the same bitch you cheated on me with. The same bitch you claimed was like a sister to you, and that I didn't have to worry about? What Anthony, was I supposed to sit there like a dummy while you embarrassed me, like you've done so many times before?" He huffs running his hands down his face, "Just come inside so we can talk." "No thank you, you don't got shit to say that I want or need to hear, I'm fed up with your bullshit. I'm not falling for your lies anymore. Move before I run you over bro." "Bro? Man Melanie get out the fucking car man." I put the car in reverse backing up, before putting it in drive swerving around him driving off.

That was one of the many times Anthony and I broke up and I took him back. Being young, dumb, and in love had me always running back to him. It wasn't until I got pregnant with our son that I really realized Anthony wasn't ever going to get his act together. He was cheating on me the entire time I was pregnant, and was off cheating on me while I was giving birth. I called his phone only to hear moaning and groaning in the background. It was a sign that we were not meant to be. I cut all ties to him other than our son Amani. If it didn't have anything to do with Amani, or the friends that we so happened to share, then I didn't talk to him. I almost fell into his trap again almost a year ago, until I heard from my best friend that he had a baby on the way with some stripper named Jasmine. Anyway here I am 20 years old with a 3 year old son, about to finish with law school, and start up my career as a lawyer. Today I have an interview with this really famous law firm, and I had to drop Amani off at his fathers house, because his daycare was going through renovations. I pull up to Anthony's mother's house, where he lives. That should have been a red flag for me, but bitch I was hooked. I get out grabbing Amani's bag, and we made our way to the door. He knocks as I pull my phone out receiving a text from my bestie Kehlani:

Where you at baby mama?

Bout to drop Mani off with my sperm donor, and headed to my interview

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