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"Y/N. The key to the cage is in the top drawer of the desk. Be careful, please." Dustin whispered as I kept my eyes on the demodogs. I was leaning my back against the walls of the cage, hugging my knees. The demodogs were crawling around the floor, not even looking at me or the group. They were moving slowly across the floors of the lab, sniffing the dead soldier. I whimpered as I got onto my hands and knees trying to get the keys without the creatures noticing.

I got onto my feet and stepped over the broken glass, my eyes glued to the two things crawling around the room. The creatures made its way into the dark corner and I knew it was my chance to quickly move. I look at the floor and fell my eyes burn when I see Doctor Owens dead. I put my hands over my mouth and quietly sob as the pool of blood surrounds him, his eyes wide open.

"Y/N." Steve whispers at me. I look over my shoulder and Steve is motioning his head towards the desk, telling me to keep moving. I nod my head and continue to move. As I made it to the desk I saw the drawer that Dustin was talking about. I looked around the darkroom, trying to spot the demodogs. I scanned the room as I opened the drawer. I quickly glanced down and the keys were just sitting there.

I grabbed onto them and gasped as I saw the two demodogs feasting on the soldier next to the desk. The soldier's insides were opened and the two creatures were pulling open its insides. I almost vomited at the sight but stopped myself by putting my hand over my mouth. As I hold onto the keys and slowly step back, the keys rattle against each other.

One of the demodogs looks up and spots me. I gasp as the creature leaps over the soldiers and looks at me. The other demodog looks up as well and I run towards the cage. The group scream my name as I jump over the glass and make my way towards them. The creatures are close behind me and as I make it to the cage I realise I am too late.

I look behind me and a demodog opens its face as it comes inches closer to me. I get ready for death, I knew it was coming. I close my eyes and cover my face, sliding down the cage walls and getting into a little ball. The room turns silent as I wait for the demodog to kill me.

As I wait a few seconds more, I open my eyes and the demodog is stopping in the air. It's face is close to mine and I look over my shoulder. El is kneeling in the cage, her hand reaching out to the demodog. Blood is pouring out of her nose as she concentrates on the creature.

I smile at her and I scoot out of the demodogs way. Both of the creatures and frozen in mid-air, not moving. I place the key into the lock and as I was about to turn it, I hear a door open. I look over my shoulder and see another soldier in the lab.

"Shit." I whisper to myself and let go of the keys. I turn around and the soldier brings his gun up. I duck as the soldier pulls the trigger. The bullet hits one of the demodogs, making it fall to the ground. El gasps for air as she drops her hand, causing the other demodog to fall to the ground.

The demodog that almost killed me was dead as the other one looked at me. I glance up at the soldier and he aims his gun at me. I gasp as I lift my hand up and close my eyes. The power quickly rushes through me and I snap my eyes open. I scream as I bring my hand up to the soldier and the demodog. They both stop in there place and look at me.

I stare at the creature and shout,

"Kill him!" I then grunt as I pull my hand towards the soldier. The demodog turns around and runs towards the guard. The guard stands there motionless, watching the creature run towards him. The demodog jumps onto the soldier and starts to rip open its insides.

I hear the group behind me gasp as I watch it eat the soldier. Once the creature is done with the soldier it turns around and faces me. I watch it as it runs towards me.

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