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Will runs up to the glass door and starts to bash on the thick walls. I feel my eyes burn as I feel trapped in the room.

"Press the button!" I yell. Will nodded his head and ran towards the desk. The sudden noise alarmed the group cause they all ran into the lab room. Steve ran up to the desk to help Will. Max started banging up against the glass and the rest watched in horror. I was banging the walls and glass with my fists, hoping to break something.

I start to feel tears falling down my face and I scream in anger. I look over at Steve and Will and Steve are pushing the red button over and over again.

"Steve! It's not working!" Robin yells. Steve looks at her and then continues to push the button over and over again. Robin sighs and runs over to the desk, pressing many different buttons with Will and Steve. Robin pressed a little blue button on the far left and a voice starts to speak, the noise coming from the speaker above us.

"Don't even try to get her out. There is no way out."

We all stopped doing what we were doing and looked up at the speaker. I slowly slide down the glass wall, tears still falling from my face. My fists were covered in blood from hitting the glass. I sit there slightly, listening to the man's words. The room was silent, only hearing our heavy breaths and the speaker breaking a few times.

"Leave her here and I'll let you all go. Stay with her and you will all eventually die."

We then all gasped at the sudden low growl. Scratching noises came from behind the wall and the group started to back away from it. I start to sob more. They have to leave and I will stay here. One life gone is better than multiple lives, right? I look at Will and lightly tap on the glass causing Will to look at me.

"You have to leave, leave me here." Those words made Will's eyes redder. He walked towards me and slid down the glass screen, meeting eyes with mine. He put his hand on the glass and I put my hand on the glass as well. He smiled as a tear fell down his cheek.

He put his forehead against the screen and I did the same.

"I can't leave you." He cried. I let a tear fall and let out a shaky breath. I leaned back, my hand still on the glass. He had to leave, they had to leave. I will find a way to get to them when I have the chance to get out.

"Will, please, you have to leave. Leave me here, go, get help. I'll stay here."

Will let out more tears and I looked at the upset group behind him. They all had tears in their eyes. El was resting her head on Mike's arm, both of them looking down at the ground. Steve was looking at the ground as well, a tear almost falling out of his eye. I met eyes with Robin and she let a tear fall. She knew I had to stay here and they had to leave. She knew there was no other choice.

She nodded her head, signalling for me to say goodbye. I gave a little nod and wiped my tears and nose with my sleeve. I drop my hand causing Will to look up at me with his teary eyes. I just wanted to hug him, kiss him, say goodbye to him.

I breathed in, it was hard to though. The small dark space made me more uncomfortable making it harder for me to breath. As I let out a shaky breath and I felt a hot tear fall down my cheek.

"Will, you have to go. I will be back, I promise. Just leave, please. I love you."

Will looked over his shoulder at the group, Steve fiddling with the car keys and Robin starting to slowly walk out the door. Will looked back at me and let out a sigh. The rest of the group left the lab, leaving Will and me.

"Please come back, I love you."

He let a single tear fall then left the building.

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