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"Mom?" I softly whispered back, my eyes swelling up with tears. I never thought I would be this sad when I see her but I have hot tears in my eyes. As a tear falls down my cheek, I quickly wipe it away with the end of my sleeves.

I start to walk towards her to give her a hug but she puts her hand in front of my chest and closes the front door behind her. I feel broken, torn. My own mother pushing me away. I step back, rubbing her arm with my hand, I was embarrassed.

"I'm sorry but you can't be here." She spoke. Ouch. I feel Will's eyes on me but I had my watery eyes glued to my mother. "W-why are you here?"

"I wanted to find you, I wanted to say hi. It has been a few years and I-"

"Well, you can't be here." She snapped, "It puts me in danger."

I look at her confused and I cross my arms and lift my shoulders. She sighs deeply and turns the doorknob behind her. She opens up the door and lets herself in. She then puts out her arm and lets Will and I into the house.

"I have some explaining to do."

The front door led into the main hallway. It had family photos across the walls, none of the photos had me in them though. I feel my heart drop as I scan the photos. I was the only child so I had no siblings. In the lab though I had a few siblings though, different powers, race, gender and age.

She led Will and me into the lounge room, I remember it. The couch was positioned in front of the TV, a matching recliner next to it. A low coffee table in the centre on the room, coasters and magazines laying on top of it. The walls were painted a dark green and the furniture was different shades of dark red. Will and I sat down on the couch while Kate sat down on the recliner. As we sat down, she clapped her hands together.

"I sent you, to the lab." She started. My breath hitched and my heart dropped and anger ran through me.

"You what?" I raised my voice. I knew that startled my mother cause she slightly jumped.

"You were dangerous and I knew you had powers. She said you were different but I didn't believe it. A girl with mind-controlling powers? It was unbelievable."

I shuffled in my seat to face her better,

"I didn't have powers until the start of this year. And who said that I have powers?"

She sighed and laced her hands together.

"Your mother. Your real mother. I adopted you when you were only a few months old. Your mother was very young when she had you. She was raped, abused. When she had you a man was going to take you away but before he could, she gave you to me. I was her best friend and I promise to look after you. When your powers got worse, I called the man who was going to take you as a child and he promised to look after you. Try to understand who you are and what you could do. I tried to forget about you cause I got told you were too dangerous." She spoke.

I quickly glanced over at Will who was shocked.

"What's my mother's name?"

"Becky Ives."

quick update on my life

it's shit

the boi who I was getting in with is a prick and we dont stan him anymore. im stressin a lot and I told myself this morning that I will focus on myself for a bit but then I realised I hate myself so

and guess what?

I just made a cover for the fourth and final book for this series so horray


that's the tea sis

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