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I woke up, still on the chair, however, I wasn't strapped down. I was in a hospital gown. I looked around and I was in the same room but I had more equipment around me. I had a needle poking into my arm, a little white bandage covering it. There was tape around my head and tubes up my nose.

I start to panic and I start to pull the tubes out of my nose, I watch in disgust as the tube gets longer and longer. As I pull it out, I gasp for air and throw it onto the ground, phlegm dripping onto the floor. I almost vomit at the sight but I stop myself by taking off the tape on my head. I peel it off then place it on the silver stay next to me.

I look down at the needle and start to panic. As I slowly take off the tape, my eyes start to water at the little black veins forming around the needle. I take out the needle and place it on the silver tray. As I sit up I hear the speaker above me turn on, a soft voice speaking.

"Y/N, since you have already taken off the equipment, I suggest you put on your clothes. They are on the bench to your right."

I see my clothes and shoes neatly placed on the white bench. I sit up and slowly walk over to the pile of clothing, putting it on. Once I finish getting dressed, the door opened up and Doctor Owens and two soldiers were waiting for me.

I slightly jump and Doctor Owens gives me a soft smile. I give him a cold look and walk out of the room. The 'hospital room' went into a hallway which then led into the lab from before. As Doctor Owens and I walked through the hallway, the soldiers slowly followed us.

"Why am I here?"

"I just had to do some tests on you. See if you really have powers and you do. So now we are letting you go home."

Tests? What tests?

"Well if you only wanted me for tests, I would have brought myself over here instead of scaring my friends."

Doctor Owens turned his head to me and gave me a worried look. It's like he was trying to tell me something with his eyes. We reached the end of the hallway and I shiver at the coldness of the lab room. It was still a dark room, besides the glass room with the cage. It was lit with bright white lights.

As we walk past a small hidden room in the lab, I hear scratching and growling. I look over my shoulder and see a soldier hits the door with its gun, causing whatever was inside it to make even louder noises. Doctor Owens puts his hand behind my back and guides me through the room. He lets go of me and puts his hands in front of him.

As we walk past the cage, I gasp when I see a skinny person, hugging his knees. Doctor Owens puts his hand behind my back again and ushers me out of the lab. I push his hand away and run up to the glass screen.


The skinny boy looks up and it was Dustin. His face was skinnier than before and he had a few bruises and scratches on his thin arms and legs. He must have been starved. His hair was messier than usual but it was still flattened down by his red and blue trucker hat.

My eyes swell up with tears and he runs up to the screen. We both put our hands against the glass and he was crying. Gosh, I missed him. I start crying as I hit the screen, causing my already damaged hands to bleed again.

I feel someone grab me by the waist and pull me away from Dustin. I throw my arms and legs around but the strong arms start walking me out of the room. As I get further away from Dustin I stop struggling and start crying.

I look at Doctor Owens who was behind the desk and I give him a cold look, tears still falling down my face. I mouth the words 'help me' to him and he gives me a small nod. The soldier closed the door behind me and I start to cry even more.

As we make it outside the secret Russian hideout, he throws me onto the ground and closes the metal doors, making me jump.

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