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We all run into the car. Steve and Robin sitting in the front, Mike, El and Lucas sitting in the back and Max, Will and I in the boot. I was resting my head on Will's lap, he was playing with my hair. The car was very silent except for my heavy breathing.

"How did it come back here?" Steve asked the car. No one answered, mainly cause no one knew the answer. Robin's eyes widened as she realised something,

"The Russians." She whispered.

"What?" Steve quickly took his eyes off the road to give her a look.

"The Russians." She said loudly, the whole car heard her now, "We never saw the Russians leave. Did we? They reopened the gate, maybe they let one of those things in."

Steve's eyes widened and he slowed the car down. As the car got slower he took a quick u-turn, turning the car the other way. As he straightened the car up, he stepped on the accelerator and the car moved faster than before. Everyone held onto the sides of the car, not wanting to fall into one another.

"Okay, so we are going back to the Russian hideout, maybe they didn't take it down." Steve planned. Robin nodded her head. As we arrived at the Mall and there were police tap and builders everywhere. As Steve parked the car, he turned around and looked at all of us.

"So there are people everywhere so we will have to be quick and quiet. Follow me."

We all get out of the car and walk around the police tape, entering the Mall from the back door. There were no workers there so we all entered. Steve guides us all to the secret elevator places near the end of the Mall. As we enter the Elevator, the lights flicker and it drops suddenly. We all hold onto the walls of the moving elevator as it falls deeper into the ground. The lights flicker even more and all I could hear was our heavy breathing.

The elevator stops and the metal doors slowly open. Steve steps out first and he looks around. The room was dark and silent. The lights were turned off and only a few lights were flickering. Steve slowly walked around the room, looking to see if it was safe for us.

I felt uneasy like someone was watching us. After Steve walked around for a few seconds, Robin stepped out, followed by the rest of the group. As we all stood in the middle of the main room, we all slowly drifted away into different rooms.

I followed Will into the far left room. It was a lab room. When I thought of a lab, I thought of Doctor Owens.


I sit in the kitchen, waiting patiently for Doctor Owens arrival. I look at the door when I see Doctor Owens enter the room. He gave me a soft smile as he sat down at the kitchen table with me. As he sat down he cleared his throat and pulled out a little notepad and pen from his case.

"So what happened with your episode?"

"I was in PE class and I just blacked out. I felt this power rushing through me and I had black eyes and I control the class in a way. I told them what I wanted them to do and they did it."

"So you felt a power rushing through you?" He said as he took some notes in his notepad. "Describe it to me."

"I felt like my body went stiff and my body weighed more. My eyes felt heavy and I felt hard, solid."

"Who was there with you? Did anyone witness it?"

"Yeah, Dustin."

"Dustin?" He said, looking up at me.

"Dustin Henderson."

~Flashback over~

There was a cage behind a thick glass screen, which was protecting the desk. The desk had buttons and a big red button. Will and I walked up to the desk and I softly ran my fingers over the buttons. I looked at the red button and there was a little label under the button saying 'CAGE'. I look up at the glass screen and there was a big silver cage behind it.

I pressed down on the button and both Will and I jumped at the sudden movement of the glass screen moving. It opened up so we could walk to the cage. I walked into the room behind the screen and examined the cage.

I turned around to look at Will but instead, I saw something worse. I looked just above his head and I saw a security camera, with the light flashing red.

"Will," I whispered, loud enough for him to hear me.

"What?" Will said, looking confused as.

I motion my head towards the camera above him and start to walk towards Will. As I get closer to the desk the glass walls close on me, forcing me in the darkroom.

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