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We all get into Jonathan's car, Steve and Robin in the front. Mike, El and Lucas were in the backseat and Will, Max and I were in the boot. The boot was tight and small but it was comfortable. The car was almost dead silence, besides Steve ranting to Robin about where Dustin could go.

"So where to?" Steve asked the whole car.

"My house, please" El said. Steve nodded his head and started the car. We reversed out of the carpark and start to drive out of town. The car ride was silent, Steve was so caught up in his thoughts that no one dared to speak.

As we arrived at her house, we all hopped out. El let out a shaky breath as she saw a huge hole in the roof. Flashbacks came rushing to her. She shook her head, trying to get rid of the thoughts. Mike came up from behind her, kissing her cheek, letting her know she is safe.

We all walked into the house and it was destroyed, trashed. We walked around and Lucas and Max went to the kitchen. Lucas shoved food into his backpack, getting ready for our 'adventure'. Max filled up water bottles and put them in her backpack. Steve looked around, along with Robin. El and Mike went into her room and she felt the walls.

The house was silent, we could only hear birds chirping outside. I held onto Will's arm, we looked at the broken walls and teared up furniture. We walked around for a few minutes until we heard a low grumble. Everyone walked into the lounge room, looking around the room. The low grumbles got louder and louder. We all turned around the room and grabbed a weapon.

Will and Mike grabbed the metal pokers from the fireplace. Max grabbed a hockey stick from El's room while Steve and Robin grabbed broken pieces of wood from the walls. I was going to test out my powers, see if they are really there.

The grumble got so loud that our heavy breathing couldn't be heard.

"What is it?" Robin asked. She stood behind Steve, hoping he would protect her.

We all gasped as we heard the front door fly open. We all turned around at the same time and a tall slim figure standing there. It looked human, but it didn't at the same time. We all screamed besides Will, he looked at it and he started to tremble.

"Shit," Will said under his breath. The thing slowly walked towards us and we all ran down the hall, going into El's room. Mike slammed the door behind him and we all looked at each other, panting.

"What was that?" Robin asked.

"A Demogorgon," Will said. All of your eyes widened as we thought they had all died years ago. I felt a sudden rush of courage like I had to save everyone. I'm not certain with my powers but they might be there. I walked towards the door and Will grabbed onto my arm.

"What are you doing? You might die."

I put my hand on top of Will's and give him a soft smile.

"I can't leave it out there, you need to trust me."

Will let out a shaky breath and I opened the door. I walked out and saw the Demogorgon walking around the room. The group held onto their weapons tightly and followed me out of the room. When the Demogorgon turned its head to me, I clenched my fists and closed my eyes. I waited for some power to consume my body.

I felt my body tighten and my nails dug into my skin. It was all in slow motion, the Demogorgon slowly running towards me. As I snapped my eyes open, I realised the power I had in me. My body was cold and my eyes were pitch black.

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