•i love you•

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I gasp and drop my arms as the bullet lands on the floor. I forget about the men in front of me and I lift my sleeve. Will holds onto my arm and he watches me lift the fabric off my arm. My breathing quickens as I see the veins inside my arm turn black. Where the needle from the lab was, was placed in that arm and in that spot.

The bullet hit the dark patch on my arm, making it bulletproof. I let out a shaky breath and my heart dropped at the sight. The man who shot me gasped as well, then he lifted his gun again, ready to shoot Will and me.

I was ready to fight the three men. I clenched my fists and my nails poked the scars on my hand. I had a strong stance, my feet planted to the ground. Will was watching behind, waiting for hell to break loose. My eyelids fell over my eyes and I felt the strong power rush through me. As my eyes snapped open, the man stumbles back behind the familiar face.

"Now, now, Y/N. We can talk about this." Dr Benner said, gently placing his hands in front of him.

"No," I shouted. I completely forgot about Becky, who was behind Will. She was watching around the corner, scared about the fight getting out of hand. I let go of my fists and lifted my arms. I screamed as I put my hand in front of the guy who was about to shoot me.

His eyes immediately turn black as he walks towards me. I smirk to myself as the man stands next to me. The guard next to Brenner lifts his gun and aims it at the guard next to me, prepared to shoot him.

"Shoot," I say to him. The guard lifts his gun and as he was about to shoot the guard and Brenner, the man shoots him in the arm. The guard next to me groans as blood soaks his uniform. The power drains out of me as I see the man's eyes turn back to normal.

I stand back and I see Will slowly step back as well. The guard holds onto his arm as the blood streams out of the wounds. The guard next to Brenner didn't want to kill him, just wanted him to snap out of my control. When he shot him in the arm he knew it would take a while for him to die, they knew they have a lot of time.

The guard looks at Brenner who gave him a nod of approval. The guard was hunched over as he held onto his arm. The straightened himself up and lets go of his arm. As he stood up straight, his tall wide build towered over me. I gasped in shock as I realised how big he was.

He lifts up his gun and hit me across the face with it causing me to fall to the ground. As I held onto my bleeding face, I sobbed as I realised I didn't have enough time to stop him. The end of his gun came in contact with my stomach, making me cough up blood.

"No! You piece of shit get away from her!" Will yelled, grabbing a lamp off the table and hitting him across the head with it. The guard grunted but didn't seem like it caused much pain. Will dropped the lamp and stepped back as the guard turned around.

I wanted to save Will, I always would but I couldn't. I was in so much pain that I couldn't move. I watched the other guard walk over to me. My vision blurred but I tried everything I could to stop him. He grabbed onto my arm and lifted me off the ground. I groaned as my head started aching.

The guard dragged me out of the house, leaving Will and the other guard in the room. I didn't even see Becky leave but she did. My vision slightly came back as I was almost out the door and I see Will's back against the wall and the guard aiming his gun at him. I watch tears fall out of Will's eyes and I start to panic.

I scream as the guard pulls me out of the room. I start to kick around, hoping to get to Will as soon as possible. Doing this got Will's attention and he looked at me. I was crying, crying a river. As hot tears fell down my face, Will gave me a soft smile and mouthed out the words to me,

I love you.

I mouthed the words back to him and then Dr Brenner closed the door.

I then heard a gunshot.

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