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As I stepped out of the house and Steve and Robin were already waiting for me and Will. Once Kate told us everything, I used the phone to call Steve to pick us up and take us to the address that Kate gave us.

I was shocked, broken and sad that my whole life has been a lie. I waited to see my Mom and for her to accept me again but I was lied to, by the one person who knew me my whole life. Will was very supportive though, he was there the whole way through that talk.

As we get into the car, I give Steve the address and he starts to drive off.

"So what happened?" Steve asked, looking at me through the rearview mirror, a worried look spread across his face. Robin turned her body, facing me. Will and I were in the back seat and Robin and Steve were in the front. Robin put her hand on my knee and rubbed her thumb over it, trying to comfort me.

I gave her a weak smile and she grinned as she turned back, facing the front. Steve started the car as I explained what happened with my "Mom" and who my real Mom is. Robin kept looking at me, making sure I'm okay as I sobbed out the story. Will had his arm around me, rubbing his hand with my arm. Steve had an apologetic look on his face as we finally made it to my Mom's house.

It was a small house, not as big as Kate's house, but it looked cosy and homey. Will and I got out of the car, Robin getting out as well. She gave me a tight hug and I hugged her back. Robin got back into the car and both of them drove off.

Steve said he'll be back in twenty minutes and we walked towards the front door. I let out a shaky breath as I knock on the door. I glanced at Will and he grabbed onto my hand, comforting me. My breathing slowed down but it was still racing.

A young woman with curly hair opened the door. She didn't open it fully, only enough for her slim body to show. She rolled her eyes and sighed,

"What is it with you kids? I don't want your cookies or magazines." She snapped. She started to close the door but I stopped it with the palm of my hand. She gave me a cold look and I said,

"Does Becky Ives live here?"

Her eyes widen and she lets go of the door. She crosses her arms and looks Will and I up and down again.

"Yeah, who's asking?"

I push the door and it fully opens. I swallow my fears,

"I'm Y/N. I'm your daughter. When you were 17, you had me." I give her a sad smile as tears fill up my eyes. She drops her hands and steps back a little. I give her a confused look as I watch her step back, further into the corridor. "What?" I whisper.

"Please, you are too dangerous. I left you for a reason." She said, almost at the end of the hall. I stayed silent, not knowing what to say. Am I really that bad? We all jump as the telephone rings in the kitchen. She looks at me then sprints to the kitchen. I look at Will with my teary eyes and we both run through the hallway.

As we run through the house, we find her putting the phone back and looking at us. Her whole body shakes as I step into the kitchen, closer and closer to her. As her back presses up against the kitchen counter, the front door opens.

Will and I stop looking at her and run towards to see who was at the front door. I gasp as I see a familiar face at the entrance of the door. They give me an ugly smile as the men behind him bring their guns up.

I stand in front of Will and put my arms out, protecting him. One of the men pull the trigger and a bullet flies out of the gun. I scream as the bullet comes flying towards Will and I. It was like it was in slow motion. The bullet comes towards me and I hits my clothing.

The bullet touches my arm and it bounces off it.

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