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It has been three hours of complete silence. The small watch on my wrist keeping the time. I had my back against the wall, hugging my knees. As I started to tap my foot, I hear other footsteps coming towards me. I snap my head towards the entrance of the room and gasp at the figures entering the room.

Doctor Owens was leading three soldiers into the room, Doctor Owens standing behind the desk. The Soldiers were surrounding the desk, guarding Doctor Owens. Doctor Owens pressed a button on the desk, making the speakers in the room turn on.

"Hello, Miss Y/N." He gave me a soft smile.

"Let me go you sick bastard!" I screamed at him, hitting the glass. The soldiers flinched at my actions, holding their guns a little tighter. I let my weak hands fall from the glass and onto my sides. I stand up and look at Doctor Owens, he looks sad, apologetic.

"I am really sorry but I have been assigned to do some tests on you." He placed his hands in front of him and looked at the soldiers. Has he been hired by the Russians? I hit the glass again and one of the Russian soldiers took a step towards the screen and I give him a scared look.

Doctor Owens looks at one of the guards and motions his head towards me. The soldier nods and starts to march towards me. Doctor Owens presses down on the red button and the glass screens open. I breathe in heavily, breathing in the air. I land on my hands and knees and feel weak.

Another guard comes up to me and the two soldiers take me with both arms. I don't even try to stop them. My knees are bruised and my hands are dripping blood, my body too weak to stop them. As they drag me towards Doctor Owens, I look up at him.

He gives me an apologetic look and motions his head towards the other door in the room. I get dragged along through a thin dark hallway which led into another room. The other guard opens up the metal doors and it is a bright room. I close my eyes at the sudden brightness and once I get used to the light, I look around the room.

It is like a hospital room just less inviting. It has cabinets and shelves filled with medicine and testing equipment. In the centre of the room was a white chair. It looked like a dentist's chair but it was more creepy, like the ones you'd see in horror movies. There was black straps on the sides of the chair, the straps behind the only black thing in the room. Basically, everything was white. The walls, cupboards, testing equipment. White.

As the men pull me up onto the chair, I rest on the chair. As Doctor Owens walks into the room, he closes the doors behind him. As the men strap me down, I start to fidget as Doctor Owens pulls out a long needle from the silver tray.

I hate needles. I start to move around more as Owens puts liquid into the needle. The men try to hold me down as one of the other soldier's straps my feet to the chair. I try and lift my hand from out of the straps so I can tell the guards to let me out but my hands could barely move.

I scream and shake around as Doctor Owens ignores it all. He was walking around the room, writing down notes and putting medicine and other medical equipment onto the silver tray. He moved a table next to the chair and brought an office chair next to me.

He puts his hand out to the guards, telling them to stop. The guards hesitantly moved away from me, still guarding the Doctor though. He put another strap around my arm and tested my heart rate. He took the strap off me and wrote down the results.

I started to calm down, Doctor Owens may not be doing the right thing but I can see he doesn't want to do this. As he brings the needle closer to me I start to move around causing the guards to hold onto their guns tighter. He put his hand on top of mine to reassure me that I'll be okay.

I calmed down and he poked the needle into my skin, causing me to go asleep.

update: just posted the first chapter of Love? so y'all should check that out. The updates won't be as frequent as this book. 

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