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"you sure you got this?" she asked for clarification. "i don't want you to try something your uncomfortable with."

"yes." i said, feeling like i was assuring myself more than her. "henry has always been so well behaved for me."

i could feel jaeden's face riddle me with questions about my sudden confidence, deep down both of us knowing it would fade as soon as amber stepped away.

"okay then." she said. she bent down to henry's level and brought her hand to the side of his face. "behave now, i'll be back tomorrow okay?" she pressed a kiss on his cheek and i smiled before waving to her.

henry waved at her sadly and i made jaeden close the door so he didn't have to see her leave. henry's dark brown almond shaped eyes began to water and i stuck out my lower lip. i bent down to his level and placed my hands on his arms gently.

"it's gonna be okay henry, she'll be back soon, i promise." i said with a small smile. "we can do whatever you wish."

a tear fell down his cheek and i wiped it with my thumb "don't cry." i said sadly.

he wiped his eyes and nodded, i smiled at him before wrapping my arm around him. "okay henry, your call. what do you wanna do?" i asked as i gently rubbed his back, hoping to make him feel more relaxed and at home. "i'll even get jaeden to play." i smiled.

henry looked up at jaeden and then at me and he placed a small smile on his face before whispering into my ear. i smiled and gave him a content nod.

"yeah we can do that."

i stopped moving around and placed my hands just above my knees, i began to breath heavily and i wheezed at least once.

"damn am i really that out of shape?" i asked feeling like if i moved i would collapse into the ground due to exhaustion.

"you have to be, this isn't even that hard." jaeden said as he moved around with henry by his side, also dancing to the music.

"last time i checked just dance wasn't so difficult." i remarked as i walked towards the kitchen.

"how old were you when you last played?" jaeden asked before doing the last dance move over dramatically. "ten?"

i opened the fridge, grabbing a three water bottles i shut the door with my left hip. "i was eleven so shut the fu-"

"okay got it." he said bringing up his hands. "there is a sweet." he got down on his knees and brought his hands to henry's cheeks, gently squishing them. "innocent little korean boy in your living room."

henry laughed and i rolled my eyes before going and tossing a water bottle at jaeden. i bent down and handed henry his, slightly opened so he wouldn't have a hard time doing so on his own.

"whatever." i chuckled before taking a sip of my water, i looked at the screen and held my water bottle at chest level. i smirked and slightly turned my head to the left. "looks like henry won anyway."

"what?" jaeden asked whipping his head in the direction of the tv, he read the screen and his mouth fapped. "whatever."

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