Complicated ·F.W×Reader· by HolySchnappItsNoah
Complicated ·F.W×Reader·by
"i hate finn wolfhard" "no you dont" "you're right" ~3/17/18 - ?~ !-contains swearing-¡
  • highschool
  • love
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The one-Finn wolfhardxreader by storieslovee03
The one-Finn wolfhardxreaderby storieslovee03
Finn Wolfhard? Yea his my boyfriend. Well fake boyfriend. You were at Vidcon where Finn Wolfhard gave you his number. And well. It all escalates from there. ------- Th...
  • boyfriend
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  • wolfhard
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It Only Gets Stranger [Stranger Things/It x Reader] by shook_wolfhard
It Only Gets Stranger [Stranger America ♡
I wanted to make one of each but then I thought, why not combine them? ;)
  • jeremyraytaylor
  • noahschnapp
  • strangerthings
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fine girl  ➵ Eddie Kaspbrak by copperwise
fine girl ➵ Eddie Kaspbrakby sarah🍑
"You fucking nerd" "I am NOT a nerd!"
  • wattys2018
  • derry
  • postsewer
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My Wonderful Bully - Wyatt Oleff  x Reader by Finnsmydaddy15
My Wonderful Bully - Wyatt Leila Holmes
#106 IN DEPRESSION II #52 IN WYATT OLEFF II #2 IN ST CAST Wyatt oleff is your high school bully, but your pretty popular. No one knows your huge ass secrets and sooner...
  • stcast
  • wyattoleff
  • bullying
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p i c k l e s ~ Wyatt Oleff  by wyattloleff
p i c k l e s ~ Wyatt Oleff by :)
a girl with shitty friends, becomes friends with the best people in the planet. and maybe, just maybe, finds true love along the way..
  • jaedenlieberher
  • wattys2018
  • itcast
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Not My Type...     || Richie x Reader||  by olAf_mispronounced
Not My Type... || Richie x wyatt_olAf ☃
this contains -Cursing -Sexual Jokes -alittle bit of smut -Sexual harassment and other shit like that. If u dont like any of this then stop reading. simple as that. #...
  • jack
  • finn
  • losersclub
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Losers' Club //Richie Tozier// by awsome-girl
Losers' Club //Richie Tozier//by Lovie
#1 In RichieTozier - 6/24/18 #39 in ItCast - 6/24/18 Welcome to the losers' Club asshole!
  • wattys2018
  • richietozier
  • it2017
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cherry cola | w.o. by aphoticlove
cherry cola | stupid idiot
"@wyattoleff: cute gal" "@maya.j: @wyattoleff right back at u pal" [a wyatt oleff social media au] [wyatt oleff x oc]
  • billieeilish
  • milliebobbybrown
  • jackdylangrazer
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IT imagines by strangerlosertrash
IT imaginesby i am confusion
you love the IT cast, I love the IT cast so let's just have some imagines about the IT cast ?
  • sophialilis
  • jackdylangrazer
  • finnwolfhard
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It [ cast ] Preferences by The-queenie
It [ cast ] Preferencesby - skinny penis
yes, i am obsessed with those kids, an no, I do no t check my spellings.
  • millie
  • fanfcition
  • finnwolfhard
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My Room [Jyatt] by BleachGulper
My Room [Jyatt]by Bleach Queen
Jaedens mom has to go cross country for a few months, so she asks her best friend to watch over Jaeden til she gets back. But what if her best friend was Wyatt's mom? W...
  • millie
  • finn
  • schnapp
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Finn Wolfhard imagines  by sunnywolfhard2312
Finn Wolfhard imagines by sunnywolfhard2312
Y'all should know already Started 14/11/17
  • imagines
  • strangerthings
  • finnwolfhard
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IT - Cast Preferences by wyeetoIeff
IT - Cast Preferencesby Greta
Imagines and preferences about the it cast and their characters. May contain smut or sexual stuff: •aged 16+ •on the citrus fanfic scale, I write orange, lim...
  • itcast
  • chosenjacobs
  • fanfiction
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forgiveness - finn wolfhard x reader by -beige
forgiveness - finn wolfhard x joe
"i deserve this" }}a finn x reader story read the intro chapter ( chapter zero/0 ) for more information i guess started: march 15th 2018 ended: june 7th 2018...
  • wyatt
  • xreader
  • lilia
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Curls || finn wolfhard by -iadore
Curls || finn wolfhardby CiTy GiRl
☄️ he's so pretty. ☄️ ± strong language ± [Finn wolfhard x reader]
  • strangerthings
  • wattpride
  • strangerthingscast
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problematic ➳ reddie by definejarchie
problematic ➳ reddieby definejarchie
❝He has always been there.❞ started / 20.1.18 finished / ?
  • depression
  • mikehanlon
  • fack
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It cast preferences  by misshoezier
It cast preferences by misshoezier
Preferences of ya favs
  • itcast
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  • random
It cast one shots  by porchdickjr
It cast one shots by lauren
basically just one shots/preferences for the cast of It & the losers club - i will NOT write smut about the younger cast!! - ++ i feel v uncomfortable writing ANY smut
  • wyattoleff
  • losersclub
  • strangerthings
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IT Cast Imagines by -gazebos
IT Cast Imaginesby Shaniiyah ?
A book for amazing talented kids that will change the world someday ?
  • wyattoleff
  • sophialillis
  • jackgrazer
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