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y/d/n - your dogs name
y/n/n - your nick name

i was sat at my vanity, the ring lights so bright they blinded me and somehow made me look worse than i already felt i had. i held my puppy up so she could see herself in the mirror, i brought her closer to my face and smiled.

"you think your old man's done in the shower?" i asked her. she didn't respond, but looked down making me think that was a no. "yeah me either."

she licked my cheek and i smiled even wider, i placed a kiss on her head and let her sit on my lap. the bedroom door slowly opened and i turned and smiled when i saw jaeden. his hair was wet and flat, he just had thrown on his clothes and left the door open just s crack.

"enjoy your shower?" i asked as i pet y/d/n fur gently. "you sure took a long time in there." i chuckled.

"yeah yeah." he chuckled.

"jae." i smiled.

"yes y/n/n?" he smiled back.

"my adoreable loving boyfriend." i went on.

"yes?" he asked with a smile still.

"my love, would you please pull my hair up for me?" i asked, flashing him my best smile afterwards. "make me and our baby so so happy." i added bringing y/d/n up to my level, a cute little bark coming out of her.

"sure." he softly smirked. he grabbed my hair brush and the white velvet scrunchie, he slipped it onto his wrist and began to brush my hair up into a ponytail. making sure to be mindful of the freshly ironed curls and avoiding messing them up. he was sure to brush out all the hairs that stuck up.

"you ready?" jaeden asked as he brought the scrunchie to his fingers. he placed my hair inside the scrunchie and twisted it around two or three times.

"yeah." i smiled. "i'm a little nervous though." i admitted fiddling with my fingers.

"how come?" jaeden asked as he placed the brush down on the vanity. he sat next to me on the small bench and placed his arm around me.

"well, i've never had him all to myself. you know? and, he's never slept over before." i stopped and looked down at y/d/n and sighed.

"it'll be fine." jaeden assured. "i'm here to help, and you know i'm like, amazing with kids."

i chuckled and smiled at jaeden shortly before responding "you're right i don't even know why i worry."

"honestly." he said doing a fake hairflip making me laugh. he smiled down at me and i wrapped my arms around his torso from the side, resting my cheek against his arm.

"you promise to help?" i asked looking up at him. "even the dumb stuff?"

"even the dumb stuff." he smiled.

the soft doorbell rung through the house and i felt myself panic a little before standing up and going to the living room, jaeden following behind me. i opened the door gently and smiled when i saw amber holding henry's hand. she walked him over to us, him trying his best to walk over perfectly but because he was so short it seemed animated. amber handed me his overnight bag, and i shoved it over to jaeden.

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