vi. giggle at a funeral

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if the heavens ever did speak
she's the last true mouthpiece
– hozier, take me to church

• •

who would have thought that lisa would be seated in a holy place with her hand interlaced with chaeng's, hooded eyes focused on the cross jesus was nailed into?

no one expected this, not even god themselves.

yeah, god is neither a man or a woman, deal with it, even lisa who was agnostic believed that to be a solid fact.

agnostic—lisa was doubtful; the only thing she believed in was chaeyoung's rose gold heart.

if chae did not convince her to attend a sunday service in the church of all holy things, lisa would not be there, she did not belong.

she felt like a sore thumb sticking out but she had to endure the remaining time she had there for her chaeng. always for her chaeng.

the pastor's sermon passed by her ear and gotten out of the other, lisa did not even register anything, she thought whatever he was talking about was what he believed, he preached false bullshit, his own twisted interpretation of the scriptures.

there were times he caught chaeyoung looking like she disagreed, which put a pleasurable smile on lisa's face.

the only reason she was not fidgeting in her seat was because chaeyoung's hand was in hers, there were moments where lisa caught herself leaving small kisses along chae's knuckles when she was bored.

whenever she would let go of chae's hand, chae would put her hand along lisa's thigh, and lisa always found herself breathless so she would immediately go take her hand once again.

there was a part where they closed their eyes and prayed, surprisingly lisa closed her eyes and actually prayed to god to keep chaeng safe and loved and she also asked a favor from god to give her the courage.

the courage to risk it to be able to make chaeyoung happier than she already was, to give herself up to her with all her being—heart and soul.

that was the highlight of that service, other than the end of it.

after chaeng talked to her church mates, they both left the holy place, lisa actually feeling as if the corruption in her body lessened.

she felt lighter.

she looked over her shoulder and looked up at the cross again.

maybe one day she will marry chaeyoung here.

she smiled at the thought, and chae looked at her in question.

"you seem happy," she began.

"of course, it's a good day."

"i told you, you will enjoy it."

lisa only scrunched her nose upwards, chae pulled her closer and kissed her cheek and whispered a thank you into her ears.

"thank you for coming with me."

lisa whispered back: "i love coming with you."

then she got hit on the shoulder, "we literally just got out of church, lisa!"

lisa could only laugh and leave a short sweet kiss on chaeyoung's temple.

as they passed by along the people who attended the service, each one of those people had thought the same thing:

such an endearing lesbian couple.

oh, if they only know how those two wished that to be true.

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