xv. pretty things in the night time

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i bet that this is short no more waiting alone
i get it's more than you are likely to show
i bet that this could be better than me on my own
– chevalier, sweet lights

• •

a long night had passed, it had worn lisa's weary bones.

her eyes felt heavy as she was dragging her feet against the floor of their apartment complex, leaving squeaks that echoed along the empty hallways.

one a.m.

chae must be asleep already.

she pressed the heel of her palm against her eyes after taking her spectacles off; she perched it back to her nose, sighed, took a cigarette from her pack, then she pressed the passcode of the flat. clicked.

she entered home.

what welcomed her was the whiff of acrylic paint, smoke, and a tinge of wine. her eyes adjusted to the light — or the lack of it — inside.

then there chae was.

the root of her hair had grown, black then as it went along it was nothing but light, blonde; lately she had no time to keep its color as it was.

she was immersed in her art.

lost, entangled, always creating, strokes after strokes, colors bursting brought by that beautiful mind of hers.

as cheesy as it sounded, no one could really compare to the masterpiece that was park chaeyoung.

this was why as much as she could, lisa thanked mrs. park and the late mr. park, for creating such a heaven sent human being.

the thai sighed, took her shoes off and moved to her girlfriend who was busy painting. her nocturnal love.

she knelt down and kissed the back of chaeng's neck.

this startled chaeng, she turned around and her lips had grown widely.

they didn't wait any longer, chae leaned in, so did lisa; lips pressed against each other, breathes had stopped, their heart beats increasing — lisa loved coming home to this.

lisa put her hand behind rosie's head and kissed her some more, she had fallen to her bottoms and soon she pulled rosie to her lap.

all of sudden the exhaustion which was caused by her long night in the restaurant had slipped away.

lisa didn't mind how chaeng reek of paint.

chaeng didn't mind how lisa reek of spices.

they were in their space together and they did not give a flying fuck about anything else because they were there, together, enveloped in warmth.

lisa brushed rosie's tresses away from her face, she planted a kiss against her cheek, her forehead, her lips once again. butterfly kisses, barely truly touching, nonetheless there was a burst of love that came with it.

giggles, it filled the room, their home.

god, universe, higher beings — lisa was ever so grateful, for this blessing, for having to come home to love.

"hello," rosie breathed out and nuzzled her nose against lisa's.

"baby," lisa smiled so widely.




lisa laughed and kissed chae, her features calmed down, she calmed down, her irritation dissipating. she was so weak, but only for lisa, only for the stupid girl.

"you smell like paint," lisa teased

"you smell like bloody onions," rosie quipped back.

"well, i work in a fucking restaurant, i'm a chef."

rosie rolled her eyes.

"i work in a fucking restaurant," rosie mocked lisa while making a face.

"you look so dumb right now." lisa pressed her pointer finger against rosie's cheek. "have you eaten dinner?"

"obviously, like hours ago, it's super late already."

one: fifteen a.m.

"i'm sure you're hungry again," lisa laughed and tugged on rosie's lower lip. "ugh, you're so dumb yet so cute,"

"well, you– you are just annoying." rosie said with a smile gracing her lips.

"this annoying bitch is gonna cook something delicious and is not going to share," lisa then pushed her off of her lap, scrambled to her feet and ran towards their kitchen, their floor slippery against her socks.

"that hurts!" rosie whined, and she had gotten up and went to chase after her vexing girlfriend. "c'mere, lemme have what you are making!"

lisa laughed and had stopped running, rosie had then took this opportunity to wrap herself around lisa's body. she began to kiss lisa's cheeks repeatedly.

while she did she had taken note of how lisa's cheeks had grown even more plump, she was really happy about that.

"what are you making?"

"something with love,"

"hmm, yum."

lisa laughed and shook her head. she was glad to come to this, to her chaeng.

i thought i won't ever be able to update this ngl.
but !!! sweet lights by CHEVALIER is really good guys, go search it in soundcloud.

my friend wrote the lyrics and sang it too. check it out!!

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