x. stuck and running from

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we gotta get away from here,
we gotta get away from here
– harry styles, sign of the times

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life was a collection of flashes and spinning events coming to its dwindling end; no one appreciated every waking moment as much as they should have, until they experience loss.

people's lives are interwoven, just as lisa's life was with chaeyoung, they were both entangled with each other's mess; there was no possible way to separate themselves from each other now.

unless someone snips the tether.

as much as possible chaeng had savor every waking moment in this wretched world, but it was never enough, none of it ever felt enough.

the past months, a scythe and hooded shadows had been staying in her father's doorsteps, patiently waiting for the invitation to come in; but they intruded, invited themselves in and had a talk with her father.

the final act was when a bullet pierced him straight into the head, and the deal was made, they had sealed it with a handshake.

the parks were devastated.

chaeng was devastated...

being a persecutor you were bound to make enemies, and those enemies you've accumulated began to be unfathomable especially when you become a judge; judge park had angered monsters and men.

it wasn't supposed to be like that.

now chaeyoung and lisa had been driving aimlessly in the city since midnight, every now and then lisa asked "do you want to go there now?" only to be answered with a shake of chaeyoung's head.

the blonde wasn't ready.

"you have to soon, baby." lisa would press on.

until chaeng snapped, "i don't want to, okay, lisa?!" tears finally cascading her cheeks, the dam had broken, and there was no stopping it, "i can't, i bloody fucking can't!" she was shaking.

lisa pulled over, unbuckled her seatbelt and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, she let her sob onto her chest; it was an awkward and uncomfortable position for lisa, but she didn't give a flying shit or two, chae comes first.

"they took him away from me!" chaeng wailed, and it hurt, it really hurt, "they took dad away from us—"

lisa had been devastated too, she had known judge park when he was still attorney park, now he was the late judge park; the man had been more than a father to her than anybody else had been.

she remembered the way chae's dad told her, "i'm glad it's you roseanne is in love with,"

she loved the man.

the pain was insurmountable for chaeyoung because lisa knew how much of a daddy's girl she was, she didn't only lose a father, she also lose a best friend, and home.

things were not going to be all right for quite some time, lisa knew this, so as much as possible she was going to be the one to hold chaeng together.

chae stilled in her arms, she looked up, her face wet from the tears she's shed, her eyes were puffy and god she could never be more beautiful than ever. her beautiful mess.

"take me away from here, please, baby?"

lisa nodded, "somewhere only we know?"

"somewhere only we know."

lisa continued to drive, far away from reality, so her sweet angel could recuperate and learn to fly again. soft music played, lisa played frank ocean, it lulled her angel to sleep.

it was two a.m. now, lisa wasn't close to tired, she went to buy some mccafe in drive thru. she had to be awake for chaeng. she was on a mission that early morning.

they've arrived to their place.

all ragged rocks and sand and the taste of sea.

"we're here, baby, we're here." she kissed chaeng's forehead.

chaeng's bloodshot eyes opened and she stared back into lisa's brown eyes, she smiled sadly and then puckered her lips for a kiss, lisa gladly obliged.

when chaeyoung had gotten out of the car, lisa lead her to the spot where she laid the picnic blanket, they both had gotten on it, and lisa immediately put another blanket around them to keep them from being cold.

their moments had always been in the early morning just before dawn reigned upon them, it always included sad eyes and heart ache, and their numerous attempts of mending each other's wounds by kissing and licking at them.

"make me forget, even just for a fleeting moment, make me forget of the bad, give me all the good even through bad intentions, please—" chaeng begged.

lisa shook her head in disapproval, she looked into chaeyoung's eyes and frowned, "i have nothing but good intentions for you, love, and i'm going to make you forget by making love to you, okay?" she was hovering above the blonde now, her lips pressed on chaeyoung's forehead, then her cheeks where her tears had been over earlier.

"listen to me first," lisa looked into her pair of sad exhausted eyes, the twinkle in them was still there, it was just clouded by the predicament they were currently facing, "i love you more than anything in this world, because of you, chaeng-ah, i've learned how to love, and loving you taught me how to love myself; you're everything good in my life, you're my light, the reason why i wake up and persevere. i know you accepted that life isn't forever, and i know that you're fucking pissed at the fucking world right now because he wasn't supposed to go like that. i'm fucking pissed too." she breathed out and took a deep breath, "i'm not going to fuck the anger out of you, i don't want that, i love you too much. so tell me your pain, or just let me hold you—just anything, i wanna be here for you."

chaeyoung was so broken, she was slowly falling apart, the only reason she was still there was because of how lisa held her together, she wasn't giving up on her.

she cried, she cried and she screamed, the cry of anguish pierced lisa's ears and heart. it made her bleed together with chaeng.

lisa captured every tears with a kiss.

chaeng had grown tired now, her voice hoarse, her eyes puffier than it already had been. she lied limp against lisa's body, she wrapped her arms around lisa's body and rested her face against the crook of her neck.

"i don't want to feel like this anymore." she hiccuped.

lisa nodded and kissed her forehead, she tilted chae's face and kissed her on the lips.

i'm here, i'm sorry, i love you, we'll pull through—those were the things that lisa's kisses said.

while chaeyoung's said—i know, thank you, i love you, please make love to me.

she wanted to feel loved, she wanted to know she was being and living right there that death didn't drag her too.

and that's exactly what lisa made her feel.

they come undone under the moonlight and stars, the sea breeze enveloping their heated bodies, every breath that leave their mouths had sounded like...i'm here, i'm here.

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