v. dressed like kings and queens

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little monsters
walking down my street
– the maine, forever halloween

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perhaps she was blind, or rather optimistic, or biased because she was someone who had flowers in her lungs and the nectar of gods in her mouth.

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

she had the eyes to see colors of a monochromatic painting, to see the beauty in the hideous, to see the clarity in insanity, to see the likes of lisa to be capable of love.

or that...there was the slightest chance, you know, she was a fool.

park chaeyoung a jester.

it seemed right, totally just, for her to be a jester. the laughing stock.

park chaeyoung saw lalisa manoban, but did lalisa manoban see her?

bitterness should have shot through her with a .44 magnum bullet, leaving a huge gaping exit wound; instead it was a piercing bronze arrow of sadness.

she saw herself in the looking glass and what stared back at her was a girl full of softness and love, not a jester, but an angel with wings that could stand the heat of hellfire.

how can she become that?

how long will it take for her to be her ideal self?

she needed to be that in order to get her warrior who was lost in purgatory, wandering and wandering until she reached the gates of hell, finding an exit only to end up in an entrance to somewhere even worse than she had been in.

lisa was waiting for her angel, and her angel didn't know she was born an angel already, for she had fallen from the sky and woke up with false memories for the middle ground—earth—had corrupted her holy being.

it took her days and days and days, they haven't seen each other because lisa was busy and busier and busiest; chaeyoung was learning to grow wings, silly, silly girl, she did not have any idea how she had wings already.

so lisa wallowed in sadness, tears, and haunting memories; waiting for her angel with dainty eyes.

she hadn't had any idea that her angel, chaeyoung, watches her sleep. she looked after her when she wasn't looking.

she may never voice it, but at least chaeyoung could see it, she knew lisa was suffering, the problem was she had no idea how to help her.

chaeng had no inkling idea that the answer was within her because she was too busy looking at lisa.

silly, silly girls; deadly and oblivious.

chaeyoung sees lalisa, lalisa sees chaeyoung.

but chaeyoung doesn't see herself, nor did lalisa see herself.

only when the two would look into each other's eyes will they see themselves and who they truly are.

silly, silly girls indeed.

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