ix. i thought that i was dreaming, when you said you love me

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the start of nothing, i had no chance to prepare
i couldn't see you coming
– frank ocean, ivy

• •

lisa had fallen asleep on their sofa bed, the sunlight had shone through the blinds, her face looked golden and glowing because of it, her legs were spread widely across the sofa, one of them was on the floor, her sock covered foot pressed against the wooden floor, while her fingers were being chewed on by her—their, actually—cat, leo. don't fret, leo wasn't biting her that hard, he was biting her affectionately.

in the kitchen, rosé was cooking and baking, because she insisted that whenever they were both home she would be the one to cook their meals, she knew lisa was a better cook, for fuck's sake she's a chef, studied culinary arts; hence why rosé didn't want her to cook at home, her job involved cooking, she needed a break from that as the blonde said.

lisa obeyed of course, for she was what the kids these days called...whipped. besides it was refreshing to have someone make something delicious for her, i mean, she already found rosé delicious—that was a given—but aside from her what she creates are mouth watering.

so, it wasn't that long until she arose from her sleep, immediately sitting up, feeling rather disoriented as her eyes darted around their flat, searching for her blonde beauty. she looked like a child as she rubbed the drowsiness away from her eyes, she yawned, and finally she met the brown eyes she loved so much.

a huge smile was painted across rosé's face, her lower lip in between her teeth, she made grabby hands towards lisa and lisa immediately stood up and dragged her feet to the kitchen, she immediately got in rosé's arms and smiled, kissed the skin where her jaw and neck meet.

"was the nap okay?" rosé asked with such gentleness, that lisa couldn't help but feel at peace.

in response lisa nodded and hummed, she wrapped her arms around rosé's middle tightly and left kisses on her collarbone, finally she looked up and grinned at rosé, and it felt like butterflies just bursted inside of rosé's stomach.

she badly wanted to bite lisa's cheek, so that she did.

"nooooo," lisa protested but she still let rosé bite her, she didn't move away, instead she moved her head and captured rosé's lower lip with her own teeth, tugging at them and smiling at rosé, who moaned. "the food might burn, i'll stop bothering you." lisa giggled and pecked her lips before she sat down on a chair and began to observe her chaeyoung.

"so, are we still on for tonight?" rosé looked over at lisa, a small smile gracing her lips.

"of course, mum and dad are expecting me, can't upset my future-in-laws now, can i?" lisa grinned and rested her chin against her palm.

all while chaeyoung muttered to herself, "you haven't even asked me to be your girlfriend yet..." she rolled her eyes, and then cleared her throat.

"did you say something, baby?"

"yes, i said we've just been dating for two weeks, you aren't even my girlfriend yet."

this seemed like such a scandalous thing for lisa to hear, she actually audibly gasped and the way the chair was dragged against the floor was quite surprising. her mouth was ajar, "what?!" lisa sounded incredulous, of course she was because the past two weeks lisa was convinced they were already girlfriends. "i thought we are girlfriends already, that it's official?"

rosé was as incredulous too, she turned the stove off and she faced lisa, "what are you even talking about, how can you just assume we're official like that?" she snapped her fingers and searched for lisa's eyes.

lisa looked so hurt, chaeyoung did mean not to come off like that at all, "well, i'm sorry for being so presumptuous, park. i thought it was a given that we are together with the dates we have every single day, and the kisses we shared," oh yes, they haven't had sex yet, lisa wanted to savor her time.

"i'm sorry, babe—" rosé moved towards lisa and cupped her cheeks and looked into her eyes apologetically, "i, i didn't think we were official because we haven't even really talked about it." she frowned.

"no, it's my fault, i just assumed—we–we should have had talked about it," lisa reassured her, she gave rosé a small smile. "i thought loving each other was enough of a statement," lisa chuckled.

rosé scrunched her nose up and softly kissed lisa's lips, "actually it's enough. i'm sorry for misunderstanding this," she giggled, "so, we're girlfriends, huh?" she smiled shyly.

lisa shook her head in amusement, "i can't believe you didn't consider me as your girlfriend all this time, i'm really offended!" she laughed and then nodded, she kissed her girl on the lips, inviting her for a heated one. she moved her hand towards rosé's ass and grabbed it, emitting a moan from her mouth, she pulled out from rosé's sweet lips and whispered. "yeah, girlfriends." she opened her eyes and looked at her, "now, finish the cooking or else you'll be the one i'm eating."

rosé's voice suddenly gotten deeper as she answered, "i mean, i'm not opposed to that," she began to play with the hem of lisa's over sized t-shirt.

"roseanne," lisa said sternly and she squeezed her ass again, "please...i'm fucking weak,"

"well, you did show such restraint the past weeks, i know you've been wanting to ravage me for years." rosé continued to tease.

"girl, don't start with me because ravage is an understatement, the moment i'm done with you, you'd be calling in sick from work...we won't even be able to go to church tomorrow." she breathed out.

"that's not such a bad thing," rosé smirked and continued to kiss lisa, she parted her lips and jutted her tongue to dance with lisa's, she used her strength to make lisa sit on the kitchen table, they sucked on each other's tongue.

when lisa reached down to take rosé's top, rosé stopped her and giggled, "oops, i forgot i have to finish cooking our lunch!" she then moved away from lisa and moved back to the stove, a devilish smirk on her face.

lisa just sat there on the table, totally dumb founded and frustrated, her mouth was open and she looked at rosé in disbelief. she was disgruntled!

this was unfair!

she grumbled and moved her way to their shower, "if you won't do it then i will!" she stomped her foot like a child.

"lalisa, don't you dare!" rosé protested and pointed towards the couch, "sit your ass down there and be bloody patient," she said sternly.

lisa's eyes went wide and she felt her knees go weak, oh good lord, help her, park chaeyoung was driving her crazy.

"i swear, after we have lunch, okay?" rosé's eyes went soft now.

"okay, okay." lisa still acted like a brat, she knew rosé found it cute anyway, she huffed and sat down on the couch. she crossed her arms and began to watch cartoons on a random channel that pout never leaving her face.

rosé could only smile at her girlfriend's antics.

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