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it was cold as hell, for me anyway. i always loved parties, but i really hate parties that finn and i got invited to. every time, either one of us had to babysit the other, and half the time i'd pick him up at eight a.m. after some random hook up with some random slut who i always named suzie.

but, recently it's been a lot less of me and finn doing stupid shit and the babysitter role alternating. and more me, becoming his babysitter every single time we even went to a party. which was why i started to hate them, because i liked to think i was a pretty big party animal. the keyword there, is was, that's all changed now.

i've counted the suzie's, and if things go according to plan this will be suzie number twenty. yes, twenty times that i had went to help finn and take care of his hungover ass and get him back on track for work and a proper day. twenty times i cancelled all my plans to sober him up, and whip him back into shape.


well, i think we all know why.

why do you think? i am about the dumbest person ever, i've been friends with finn for four years, and just about six months ago i began to feel differently about him. yes, i lived finn in a more than friends way, and i hated myself for it. falling in love with your best friend is just about the dumbest thing you could do and yet, i did it.

so, tonight, we came to this stupid ass party. a party that had underage drinking, sex in every room possible, strong smelling weed, loud rap music, and most importantly..your everyday assholes.

when finn and i walked into the party i was already starting to feel my head throb to the loudness of the music. i felt off, like something was bound to happen here that wouldn't be very good. my gut wrenched but i chose to ignore it and think about what i should do while finn runs off and i'm all alone.

i tried my best to stay with finn, because he always wanted me to be his wing man, which i always thought was super douchy. i mean, it wasn't obvious that i was crushing over him? but, as expected, i lost him, so knowingly i knew he most likely met another suzie which led me to heading out to the backyard.

not a lot of people were there, but enough to make me feel stupid for being alone. i couldn't figure out where i wanted to stand or sit, with others it alone. but ultimately, i sat by the edge of the pool, my feet dipped in, while i sipped on a glass of malibu that i grabbed not too long before hand.

it was sweet, definitely something worth it's price. something, even lightweights could drink and have a few of. you couldn't exactly get black out shit faced drunk off of it, well-unless you decide to drink the entire thing. which is hard to resist, considering it's sweet coconut flavor.

"your looking for finn?" i heard behind me.

i turned around, still downing the malibu and i brought the cup down. it was a guy, not surprisingly. there was always one decent guy at these parties. but he happened to be a good looking guy, i mean, his gray eyes were panty droppers. but, i knew i couldn't be babysat tonight, and i hardly knew the guy. i wiped my lip and nodded slowly, hoping he didn't find the long stare i took at him weird. "yeah why?"

"he just went in the master bedroom with chantal." he said, moving one hand and steadily holding his flask in the other. he pointed to the space next to me. "can i?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

now, most girls would lunge on this dude and start aggressively kissing him out of instinct. but, i felt that i needed to have a bit more self respect than that, so i simply i nodded. he brought himself to his knees and sat next to me "i'm y/n." i said putting my hand out, seeing him glance at my acrylic nails and smirk a little.

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