Chapter 5: A Sniper, A Sword, And A Soldier

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3rd POV

As time passed by, and the fated day drew near, all were training in one way or another. All the students were gossiping about what would come to be, but some were even making bets.

Many were asking around about a certain males I.S, many were curious about his skill and capabilities, but they all got the same answers when they asked. He didn't give any information away, for that would cause him to lose his advantage. Though it never stopped the girls from asking, no matter how many times he basically told them no.

He often went missing whenever there was free time, but it did not take much time to track him down. He was always somewhere outside, always laying down and relaxing, or at least that is what it looked like.

The one that was seemed to be at his side, Kuro, did not seem to mind his little obsession of being outdoors, and would be with him whenever possible, which definitely didn't go unnoticed by all the other students

Despite all of this, there was one encounter that was a little more special then the others. A certain student had finally decided to meet the young man, and had found him alone out near a tree and lake, almost no one knew he was there. Kuro having gone to get something for them to eat since she appeared to have forgotten once again gave her the perfect chance.

"Hey...can I talk to you...?" Houki slowly but steadily approached him. She wasn't exactly sure at first, but as the date for the duel was tomorrow, she wanted to speak to him.

"Of course, feel free to sit anywhere" his monotone voice always threw her off. He was currently laying down while part of his body was tilted up due to him partially leaning the upper part of his back and head against the tree behind him. While it didn't seem like others would like such a position, he seemed to be oddly comfortable.

"I...What happened to you?" She asked hesitantly after sitting down near him. She looked around, and found that his gaze was practically up, looking at the sun's rays shining through the leaves and branches while the blue sky was visible in several places while the tree in its entirety was gently swaying its branches back and forth with the wind.

"I am unable to give you an answer. The question you have given is too vague, I do not know what you wish to know when you ask such a question" he told her "Please repeat and change or add words that are more specific"

She was thrown off. She thought it was an easy question to understand, but then again, she didn't understand Yn.

"What happened to you? As in, what caused this drastic change in your personality. And what happened to your eye?" She devoted herself to finding out, she wanted to know, because she, as one of Ichika's friends, wanted to know what was wrong with what she still considered his brother, plus it was a good way to start the conversation, at least that's what she thinks.

"The answer to the second question is simple; it was taken" he told her "You lack the required permission to access the details of the current topic that you desire, therefore I cannot tell you more then that"

His words confused her. He said access a strange way to put it, but it wasn't like she was used to him, nor knew what he had gone through.

"For the former question it is the same answer. However, if I must be honest, I did not think that you would be able to discern any change within myself when we met a few days ago" he told her again.

"What do you mean by that?" She was dumbfounded. Wondering why he believed that she would not notice such a large change to him.

"You never really liked or approached me. You clung to Ichika whenever you could. Ignoring me, as if I had never even existed. Though I do not understand what it is that kept you so close to Ichika, perhaps it was his stupidity that made you feel superior? Or perhaps when he stood up for you against the bullies that kept calling you a tomboy?" He seemed to ask

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