Chapter 11: A Time to Relax

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Ichika's POV

How did it come to this? I'm being trained by Houki, but she's taking it way too far. How did she even get permission to use a training I.S anyways?

"Come on Ichika! You can't slack off or else you're going to lose the class competition matches coming up!" she told me, but...

"I already lost once, there's no way I can beat Yn in a one on one when he was able to beat me with Cecilia there as a distraction," I groaned the truth. Chifuyu's been telling me to train hard, that it was only because Cecilia was there to divide Yn's attention that I was even able to land a single hit.

"So? He probably got that good by training hard, so if you do the same then you'll catch up in no time!" she proudly proclaimed. "After all, when we were all training in kendo way back when we were little, he was never allowed to train with us. He always had to get special tutoring from the head instructor."

Well, that was true. Back when I did Kendo he was always taken away to be taught by the head instructor, Chifuyu always told me it was because he was too weak to be sparring with us. I've never actually seen him in a match, but I'm pretty sure that Chifuyu has gone against him once, she once came home with a few bruises, telling me that Yn would be staying at the hospital overnight with our teacher. 

She explained that she had defeated Yn and faced the instructor afterward. He was apparently pissed because she had hit Yn way too hard and he needed to go to a medical checkup to make sure that he was alright. During the match our instructor barely held back, claiming that he didn't want to injure her enough to send her to the hospital with Yn since someone needed to watch over me.

I remember her being depressed. But I guess that's to be expected, our parents had left not long before that incident.

"Besides, from what you've been telling me, he seems to be training his body and hand to hand combat, not anything for the I.S currently. Therefore you'll have more time to catch up to him by solely training technique and speed! After all, didn't Chifuyu say that your I.S was faster than his? That means all you need to do is close the distance and get one good shot in before he has the chance to do anything!" she proclaimed.

"I don't think that'll work as well as you think it will," the sound of Rin's voice drew my attention, though Houki looked annoyed for some reason.

"What are you doing here? Can't you see that we're trying to train here?" 

"I was planning to help Ichika train, you know, like what I promised at lunch," Rin fired back at Houki. They didn't seem to get off on the right base back at lunch when they first met, but I think things will improve.

"I know that I'll certainly do a better job than you since I'm a representative candidate and all."

"Like you know the first thing about swordsmanship. Why don't you go train by yourself?" with a few waves of her hand it appeared as though Houki was shooing her away.

"Well it's better to at least know you're opponent, and you two don't seem to have the slightest clue about the Ghost, so I was considering helping you with that as well," she offered.

"Wait, you know Yn?" I asked as I stood up, having been on the floor from Houki hitting me down with her sword. "I thought you two didn't meet until today?"

Rin crossed her arms and looked away, a sorrow expression replacing the one she had. "I met him yesterday. I was temporarily put in his room, but he...well he decided to find somewhere else to sleep until he could get some privacy again," she spoke briefly. "But I've heard of him. My uncle has told me about him, I just never knew who he was until yesterday."

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