Chapter 3: The bet

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3rd POV

Everyone was back in class, and their homeroom teacher had returned.

Chifuyu seemed awkward now, glancing at the new transfer every now and again as if expecting him to say something. It seemed as if she wanted to say something yet knew it was not the right time or place to start up a conversation on such a private matter. And so, she eventually began to speak about what she had to say.

"Alright, you'll all need to pick a class representative. Choose someone you think would do well and get it over with quickly"

Even as she spoke, all Yn did was stare out the window with his chin in the palm of his hand as his elbow was against the desk, keeping his arm up.

He seemed to be watching the rain fall, drop by drop, some were even questioning if he was counting the raindrops that hit the window.

"I vote Orimura!" One of the girls seemed to call out, and Yn's eye moved to the corner of his vision when he heard another girl speak up.

"I vote Yn!"

His eyes scanned the room, but he couldn't find out who was the one that had said such a thing. And before he could even open his mouth, one of the girls shot up a little too fast, indicating her displeasure in the current votes.

"I can't believe what I'm hearing!" she had long blonde hair, but that was the only things he caught a glimpse of before his eye became glued to the earing that was on her left ear. He knew what it was.

"I can't believe you all want men in charge!" she yelled "You want these two to be our class representatives even though I'm the only representative contender in the class!"

It appeared to everyone that her pride was hurt, but Ichika tilted his head at her.

"Excuse me, but who are you?"

She looked at him like he was the scum of the earth. "How could you not know my name?! I'm Cecilia Alcott! Englands representative contender!" she yelled out, and he asked a question that made nearly everyone fall out of their chairs in shock

"Um...What's a representative contender?" he asked almost innocently, but seemed confused by everyone's sudden reaction

"I can't believe you lack even the most basic knowledge! I hope that all boys aren't as thick headed as you" she seemed to hold her head in disappointment "And if the rumors are true, you and-"

"A representative contender...." everyone's eyes were drawn to Yn, who had spoken up, interrupting Cecilia, but they only saw that he continued to stare out the window "Is a person who is chosen by their country to represent them. They are all known to be somewhat young so they can compete in tournaments held internationally and allows them to show off their countries technology, training, and skill, and it is well known that each and every one of them has their own personal I.S" he explained

"Well, at least you know a little bit about it" Cecilia didn't seem too impressed, but definitely didn't seem as arrogant since she now knew which of the brothers was smarter.

"Cecilia Alcott;" hearing her name, she looked back over to him when he kept speaking "Age fifteen. Born on December twenty-fourth. one hundred and fifty-six centimeters or five foot one, and weighing a total of forty-six kilograms or one hundred and one pounds. Both parents are deceased. The pilot of Blue Tears, a third generation long-range sniper type I.S equipped with a starlight Mk. three medium-range sniper rifle, two missile pods, and four floating laser drones. Built around the concept that one pilot can take on several different opponents at once by using flying drones and long-range attacks, however, this requires the pilot to be able to keep constant control of the battle in order to not lose focus and let the drones go out of control, hence why giving it long-range capabilities is a necessity, staying away from the battle enough so they can observe anything and keep enemies away by use of a snipers powerful long-range attacks"

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