Fangs and Claws - 6

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I yawned lazily as I blinked my eyes open. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table, which read 7:13. I sighed before I got up to get ready for school. Alex had told me last night that I would be attending school starting today. But he also mentioned that this school was special, since it was in this community thing and only werewolves went to it. 

I decided to wear a black miniskirt with my red Ecko shirt with gold writing on it. I slipped on a pair of black ballet shoes and headed out the door. I seriously needed to find a job so I can go shopping. I sighed in discontentment before I walked over to the cafeteria where I’d be meeting the gang before we all headed to school. 

Apparently we only went to school to learn how to become a ‘better’ werewolf, meaning only people like me, new werewolves, had to go. Once I managed to pass the final test that’s offered every other month, I was free to stop coming. Meaning, in other words, I learn fast and get the heck out of that place since I’m one of the few people going. And to make it worse, no one else that I knew was going, since they’re all ‘experienced’ people. Mental eye roll here. 

I sighed as I entered the cafeteria, picking up a plate of eggs, bacon and toast before I sat on a table that was unoccupied. No one was here yet. I sighed before I started to eat my breakfast. Judd and Jared soon joined me. 

“Hi!” I said excitedly to them, waving at the both of them frantically. Jared dropped his tray in front of the seat across from me, waving just as frantically. 

“Morning Jay!” I laughed as Judd chuckled a bit.

“Hey,” greeted Judd, sitting next to Jared.

“So...” I said, hoping to get some sort of conversation going. 

“So…” Judd copied me, his face holding up a smirk. I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Are you ready for school?” Jared asked me, making me look from Judd to Jared. I shook my head, letting my bangs cover my eyes.


“You should be,” a new voice said as someone sat next to me. I turned my head to see Colton smirking at me. I stuck my tongue out at him too. 

“I think you guys all suck,” I told them, glaring at them as they looked at me confused. 

“And why…?” Judd asked.

“Because while you’re free to do whatever the hell you want, I’m going to be stuck in school for the next who knows how long learning how to act like a “proper wolf”” I said, making quotation marks with my fingers. 

Colton just shrugged. “Eh, we went through with it before.”

I stuck my tongue out again for a third time that morning before I finished up my breakfast. 

“Well I’m off to go to that forsaken school,” I said, getting up and grabbing my tray. 

“Can I come with you?” Colton asked me, suddenly very interested in the table. I nodded my head.


We both left after saying bye to Judd and Jared. “So … anything you want to talk about?” I asked him as we walked over to the school building. 

“Kind off,” he replied, looking up at the sky. 

I stopped in my tracks to look over at him. “What is it?”

He looked down from the sky to my face and sighed. 

“I think you know this already, but I’m your paramour and I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me…?” He asked me, trailing off at the end.

I felt a blush sprinkle my face as I looked down at my feet. “Sure,” I said, fiddling with my hands. 

One of his hands came down to grab one of my hands, swinging it back and forth as he smiled at me. “So how does tomorrow at 6 sound to you?”

I laughed before I nodded, not noticing that we were standing at the door of the school already. He looked up at it before he looked down at me. “I guess I’ll see you later than?” 

I nodded my head, blushing as he kissed my cheek and started to walk off. I stared after him before I could no longer see him, taking in a huge breath before I entered the school building.

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