Fangs and Claws - 9

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Once school was finally done for the day, I booked it over to my room, slamming the door shut before I jumped on my bed and reached for my cell phone that fell to the ground with a loud thud. I quickly scanned through the numbers before I found the person I was looking for and pressed the call button. I waited a few minutes before a cheery “hello” was heard from the phone.

“Lily!” I screamed, panic and anxiety quickly filling my stomach up with butterflies. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked immediately, concern weaving into her voice.

“I have a date with Colton and I have no clue what to wear or do or anything,” I said in a hurried breath, my eyes darting over to my clock. 


I only had an hour until he came by to pick me up. “What should I do Lily?” 

Lily sighed as I continued to panic. I then heard a couple of laughs coming from different people. I froze for a bit. 

“…Lily…I wouldn’t happen to be on speaker phone with people by you, would I?”

“Well…you weren’t supposed to be on speaker…but Jared saw your name on the caller I.D. and decided to put you on speaker…” she trailed off as I heard the laughing get louder. 

“Eh…who’s with you?”

“Um…there’s Jared, as you know, Luke, Judd, and Alex.”

I sighed in relief. “So…Colton wasn’t there to hear my freaking out, right?”

There was a brief pause, which caused me to worry. “…Right?”

Lily coughed before I heard a thud and a loud “ouch!” come from one of the guys before I heard Jared’s voice come on.

“Hey Jay. How are you doing this beautiful afternoon?”

“Cut the bullshit,” I said as I turned on my back so I faced the ceiling. I heard him sigh, complaining about why he had to tell me and not Lily, resulting him to yell out “Ow!” again as I heard Alex congratulating Luke on his hit. “Well, he was here, but then he heard you freaking out and then he said he’d be right back. Alex thinks he went to go to your room though to, um, maybe help you?” 

I growled lowly at him. “Next time I see you Jared, I’m going to make you regret putting me on speaker phone,” I said, thinking up a few pranks I could play on him as I heard him laugh. “Give it your best shot, kitty.” 

I scrunched up my nose. “What’s up with the name?”

“It’s your new nickname,” Jared said simply before he hung up. I sighed before I heard a knock. I got up and answered the door, not surprised to see Colton. 

“Hey,” he said, grinning at me as I just blushed. “So I heard you had a bit of trouble?”

I blushed harder before I raised my right hand to rub my left forearm. “Kind off,” I said, looking down at the ground now. He just chuckled before he walked into my room and went straight to my closet. “Um…is it okay for me to look at the clothes you have?” he asked as his hand fell on the door that separated the closet from my room. 

“Go for it,” I said, plopping down on my bed again as I watched him vanish into my closet, coming out a few minutes later with a purple bundle in his hands. “Wear this and meet me … nevermind. I’ll come back at six, so I’ll see you in…” he paused to look at the clock before his eyes widened slightly. “In 10 minutes, so see you,” he said before he dashed out of my room. I rolled my eyes before I slipped out of my clothes and pulled the dress on. 

The dress itself was a dark purple, sleeveless one, ending a couple inches above my knees. A black ribbon wound itself around my waist, right under my breasts with a bow attached to the left side. A black, veil-like fabric covered the right side of my dress.

I smiled at the dress in my reflection before I went into the bathroom and curled my hair a bit so it fell down in waves. I quickly put on a bit of lip gloss and eye liner and I was set to go. I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of 2 inch black pumps and my black purse. I took a final look in the mirror before I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door to see Colton standing there, wearing black dress pants, black shoes, and a dark purple dress shirt, his sleeves pushed up above his elbows. His shaggy hair seemed even shaggier than usual, but it seemed to also be tamer at the same time. I blushed as he held his hand out. “Are you ready to go?”

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