Fangs and Claws - 16 *Last Chapter*

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I walked around in a dark abyss, the beeping sound pulsating through the still air. I try to remember the events that had happened before I passed out. Lily's face was the only thing that popped in my mind. 

What happened to her?

I tried to clear out the fuzziness in the picture, waiting as the picture in my mind slowly cleared, showing Lily with menacing eyes, a frown set on her lips, and a black bat on her cheek. I gasped, suddenly remembering. Lily's change. The fight. Curing her. Making the cure. Colton finding us.

I cringed at the last thought. What could he possibly be thinking? I felt something wet slide down my cheek, my hand raising up to wipe it away. I continued to walk, not sure where to go. 

After what felt like years, i began to see a small light, as small as a dust speck, yet as noticeable as an elephant. As I continued walking, the light began to grow bigger in size, the darkness shirking away from it. Soon enough, it had engulfed my whole body with it's presence, blinding me. 

I slowly opened my eyes, my eyes adjusting to the darkened room. I tried to sit up, but a pain shot out to my whole body. I froze, waiting for the pain to pass before I continued to inch up to an upward position, stopping every few inches to let the pain pass. 

When I finally succeeded, I took a look around my room, noticing the overly white room with a couple machines scattered about. The sharp smell of alcohol and antiseptics filled my nose. I sighed, looking over at the clock. 

5:00 A.M.

I slowly tried to stand, soon falling back down on the bed after my first and second attempt. On the third attempt, I managed to hobble over to the chair looking out the window. The sun was just starting to peek above the horizon, causing different shades of different colors to be painted across the sky. I just stared at the scene, slowly dozing off.


I opened my eyes as i felt myself being lifted out of the chair. Colton was looking down at me, his face blank. I tentatively brought my hand up to stroke his cheek, wanting to see an emotion come across his features.

A flicker of sadness ran through his eyes, causing tears to come to my eyes. "I'm sorry."

He shook his head, breaking our eye contact. "I was so scared. I thought you died."

He walked over to the bed and gently placed me down on the mattress, sitting right next to me and holding my hand in his. "I felt like I had nothing when you wouldn't wake up. I felt like tearing up every last Blood Drinker. But Rose saved you. She told me it was lucky we came to the castle when we did."

I hugged him, letting my tears fall onto his shirt. I felt his arms tighten around me as something wet began to run down my neck and shirt. We sat like that for hours, not wanting to let the other go. 


(1 Year Later)

I smiled up at Colton as rice began to fall on us, the crowd around us giving a big cheer. The big, fluffy, white dress I was currently wearing was one of the prettiest things I've worn in my life and it was sure to hold some of my best memories after today. Colton and I had finally gotten married just a few minutes ago. He had proposed to me during the christmas holidays and now, three months later, we we're celebrating this big event with all of our friends and family. 

If you were wondering about the Blood Drinkers, they were all cured. The crazy werewolf scientist who created the Blood Drinkers was killed by the recently changed werewolves, who in turn was put into jail, only having to serve 2 years of imprisonment. 

After that whole fiasco, everything's been running smoothly. In fact, Lily and Luke's been married for about two months and are now expecting their first kid. Ace, my kindred spirit, been spending most of his time with me. Alex said that he probably sensed my little "dance" with death, so he's being overly protective of me. Speaking of Alex, him, and Judd have found their paramours. Alex and his paramour, Jane, are the cutest couple I have ever seen. But Alex and his paramour, Kat, are probably the most argumentative. They fight constantly, but they have their moments where you can clearly see the connection between the two of them. Jared's still on the search, but most of us are convinced he already found his paramour since he spends all his time away now, only telling us that he was going out with a friend. 

But it's been really good. And I'm hoping it stays like this.

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