Fangs and Claws - 7

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I stepped into the building, facing a small hallway containing four doors, two of which led to bathrooms. Another door lead to a classroom and the last one lead to an office. I deadpanned at this. This school was very … small. 

I mentally slapped myself on my forehead. Of course it’d be small. It’s only for new werewolves and I doubt that this pack barely gets any new members that often. I walked over to the office and knocked on the door. 

I waited for a few seconds as quietness rang through the still air. “Come in,” a voice suddenly boomed out, causing me to practically jumped out of my skin. I bit my lip before I opened the door. 

“Ah yes, you must Jayden Willows,” a voice boomed out. I looked up to see a guy that I could only describe as a Santa Clause look-alike. I smiled at him before I nodded.

“Good, good. Now, you’re the first new member to this pack for a long time, so you’re also currently the only student.” I glared at the roof as I thought about how this sucks. 

“Can we, um, go through everything really fast so I don’t have to be here?”

He chuckled before he nodded. “I thought you’d want to do that. I’m Mr. Wyndhm, the only teacher here at this place. But you can call me Henry. Everyone else does.” I nodded absently before I noticed that he had gotten up and started walking towards the door. I just trailed after him through the door and into the classroom. The classroom was very dusty from it’s lack of use, but the classroom still had items you’d expect a normal classroom to have, such has desks, chairs, and bookshelves. But there was a line that split the room in half so that everything was on one side of the room while the other side of the room held nothing, except for a few weapons that were mounted up on the wall.

“Now to start off, we’ll be reading on the very important times in our history.” I rolled my eyes at this. I hated history. But Henry saw my action and he just laughed. “Don’t worry. It’s just the basic things. I'm not going to go into full-depth about it.” I sighed before I sat down on one of the desks while he dropped a thick textbook onto my desk. “You can start by reading pages 35-40. I groaned before I flipped open the book, letting my eyes glide over each word.

I rubbed my temples as I was finally released from Henry’s care. I had just spent the last 10 hours cramming on all of these were-people who were important and why they were important and blah blah blah. I sighed in irritation before I headed over to my room. When I opened the door, I was greeted b Ace taking a running leap towards me, causing me to fall and lose my balance. I giggled at him as he tried to lick my face, causing me to just shove him away from me, who kept trying to get to me. 

I stood up before I decided that I should go shopping like I said I was going to. I looked over at Ace while I went to retrieve my wallet. 

“Hey boy. You going to come with me?” He nodded with this wolfish grin before he trotted after me out the door. I locked up before I headed down and started walking. I wish I could say that I knew where I was going, but I eventually got lost. Heck, I even ended up in the woods that surround this community, which kinda hides this place from the rest of the world. I picked up a rock and threw it at a tree, pissed that I couldn’t even find a shop without any help. 

To make things worse, I didn’t have a phone or anything to contact Colton or any of the others with. I scrunched up my nose before I turned to Ace, who was whimpering a bit.

“I’m so sorry Ace,” I said, coming up to him to rub him behind his ears. “I wish I knew where we were.”

He suddenly stopped whimpering and looked up with alert, his ears erect. “What is it boy?” I asked him, looking around uncomfortably. He barked before he began to drag me somewhere.

“Ace! ACE!” I yelled at him, trying to get him to stop. Hasn’t he heard that rule where if you’re lost, you’re supposed to stay where you are? But my yells fell on deaf ears as he continued to drag me behind him. I finally groaned in frustration before I let him drag me behind him. But that’s when I started to hear it. Although it was very faint, I could hear multiple voices harmonizing together, all saying the same thing. My name. 

I smiled before I started running with Ace running right alongside with me. I soon saw them and sprinted over, hugging the closest person to me, which just so happened to be Jared. 

“Oh my gosh! You guys are life savers,” I said, hugging Jared closer for some comfort, who held me loosely around my shoulders. I released him and bent down to face Ace, petting and complimenting him, saying things like how he was such a good and smart little wolf. 

I laughed as he licked my face before I stood up, feeling arms wrap around my waist. I blushed as I turned to see Colton there, smiling down at me. “What are you doing way out here?” he asked me.

“I was trying to find a store so I could do some of my shopping. But that was a fail,” I explained, trying to hide the giggles that threatened to pour out of my mouth. Everyone just laughed and we were soon on our way to the shopping district.

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