Fangs and Claws - 1

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I slowly opened my eyes, blinking as I only saw darkness. Slowly, the darkness started to fade, revealing a very bright whiteness, causing me to squint and hiss in pain. Under me, I could feel a very cold metal, as though I was on a metal bed or something of the sort. I slowly tried to sit up, wincing as my back cracked in protest and my muscles ached. I was surprised that the place where the wolf bit me only revealed a very thin, white scar line. I must have been out for a very long time. I looked around the room to see that I was lying down on a metal table in the middle of a very cold room. I shivered a bit before I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the room. I slowly scanned the room until I noticed in the far corner of the room; two people were standing there, watching me. One of them raised an eyebrow at me while the other just stared at me, a perfect poker face held up on his face. 

The first guy had short, hazel hair, bringing out his blue eyes. He had a very light tanned colored skin and he was wearing a pair of combat boots, a black muscle shirt, and some brown cargo pants. The second guy had longer, black hair, causing him to have side swept bangs. He had these amazing midnight-blue eyes. He was a bit paler than the first guy, but he wasn’t totally pale. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a Slipknot shirt, completed with a pair of converse. 

I just watched them cautiously as they continued to stare at me, like I was some kind of ticking bomb that was set to go off in a few seconds. Finally, the first guy stepped towards me, watching my reaction. But I stayed perfectly still. So he began to take more steps towards me. The way he was approaching me, it was as though he was approaching a feral animal rather than a human being who just woke up. Once he was close enough to raise his hand just to touch my arm, I felt something inside of me break. 

I started to shudder as pain shot through my body. I shut my eyes tightly as I clutched my body, wishing the pain away. The pain suddenly stops though. I opened my eyes to see that the table had fallen on its side. I opened my mouth to speak, but all I heard was a series of barks and growls. I suddenly caught my reflection in the metal table and stop to stare at myself. There, where I sure I was at, stood a beautiful chocolate-brown wolf. The wolf was a bit on the small side, but it was still bigger than a puppy. I looked down at where I thought my hand would be, only to see a chocolate-brown paw. I started to panic as I remembered the two guys that were watching me. I swiftly turned around to face them, expecting them to be trying to kill me or even catch me. But instead, the guys weren’t there. Instead, there stood a black wolf and a snow-white wolf. The white wolf started to trot up to me; head bowed, eyes downcast, trying to show me that it meant no harm. I cautiously took a step towards him, trying to see what he wanted.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” I heard something say to me, except it wasn’t in English. It was like this new language that I already know how to speak. I looked around confused, before my eyes landed on the wolf. 

“Are you seriously talking to me?” I asked, surprised that the words that left my mouth were the same as the ones I’ve heard. 

“Yup. Don’t panic,” I let a scruffy snort escape my mouth at this. “We’ll explain everything when we get back to our base. Right now, we need you to change back into your human form.”

“And how do you suppose I do that, oh smart one?” I snapped back at him, panic and irritation started to rise up in me. 

“Just picture yourself changing from a wolf to a human,” a new voice said to me. I looked over at the black wolf, which just nodded his head in acknowledgment. I sighed before I did what he said to do, picturing myself as I was before I morphed into this wolf. The same pain from before shot through my body again. I growled at the two wolves in front of me, since I had to go through the pain again. I slowly watched as the fur retracted into my skin, my paws slowly transforming into hands, my spine straightening out, the muzzle I used to have slowly morphed into a human nose and a human mouth. Soon, I was standing upright as my human self, only naked. 

I screamed before I ducked behind the fallen metal table, wrapping my arms around myself to hide myself before glaring at the two wolves over the table before ducking my head behind the table. If I morphed into a human naked, I’m going to assume that they’ll morph into a naked human as well. I tried to find the jeans and shirt I was wearing earlier. They were mostly okay, with only a few tears in it. I quickly snatched it up before I shoved myself into them. 

I stood up after I finished dressing, glaring at the two males who were just throwing their shirts on. “You could have at least warned me I wouldn’t be wearing any clothes.”

“I thought it would be common sense that you’d be nude,” the guy with the Slipknot shirt said. I scoffed at him before I stormed over to the door. 

“Where are you going?” The black-shirt guy said, looking at me as though I was stupid. 

“I’m going home. Now.” I said, reaching my hand out for the doorknob. 

“But you can’t.”

I quickly turned around to glare at the two people in front of me. “And why the hell not?” I asked them.

“Everyone thinks you’re dead.”

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