Fangs and Claws - 15

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We stood there for what felt like hours, the wind blowing around us. "It's been a week, Jay," She states, saying my name like it was venom in her mouth. I winced a bit, not ignoring that smug smirk on her face. 

"That usually happens when your best friend becomes my enemy."

Her eyes glowed red, the muscles in her cheeks tightening. "I can't help that and you know it."

I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly. "It's such a shame though. Luke couldn't stop worrying about you."

I knew I went to far as her fist clenched tightly. She leapt at me, angry hisses leaving her mouth. I tried to sidestep out of the way, but her nails tore into my arm, a huge gash forming. I struggled to keep my scream in as we began to circle one another. 

She grinned at me as she eyed my bleeding arm. "Aw. Is the poor wittle wolf hurt?"

I narrowed my eyes at her, trying to find an opening. I slipped my hand that was connected to my bad arm into my pocket with the needle filled with Rose's wolf genes. Lily didn't notice.

"What's wrong, Jay. Can't protect yourself? Where's your little boy toy, Colton? Could he possibly be dead?"

I tried to shove my anger down, not wanting her to get the best of me. But the paramour pull on me was already putting images of Colton dead into my head, making me want to just curl up in a ball and cry. I bit down on my lip hard to pull myself out of my pondering to focus on what was on hand. I had to get her to attack me.

"No. He's not dead. I know full well he's alive. It's all part of the paramour thing, remember? Or have you've forgotten what it was like to be with Luke once you became a Blood Drinker?" I told her, smiling sweetly at her furious face. Without a second's notice, she rushed me, arms outstretched, ready to tear me alive. But I knew what to do. I threw up my good arm for protection, feeling the familiar tearing of skin as I clenched my jaw. But i swiftly shot my other arm up, jabbing the needle into her stomach and injecting her with the cure. She froze before she collapsed on the ground, writhing in pain. I slowly fell to my knees, falling flat on my face. 

I watch as Lily slowly transformed, the marking on her cheeks slowly disappearing. She soon stop writhing around, staying motionless. I could still hear her breaths, slowly increasing in speed, indicating she'll wake up soon. I quickly took out the vial of liquid nitrogen out and sunk my canine tooth into the cork of the vial. Immediately I could feel the effects of the nitrogen taking over. I watched as a goldish-brown liquid started replacing the liquid nitrogen in the vial. I heard Lily groan before she screamed my name. I pulled the vial away from my face once it was close to being totally full. I glanced at LIly with half-lidded eyed. I handed her the veil, giving her instructions. "Lily....Take this veil...and cure of the...Blood Drinkers...They'll get...better with this..." Each phrase was followed by either a painful groan or a shallow breath. Lily took the vial with teary eyes. I smiled at her before I saw blackness start to seep into my vision. By then, Lily was shaking my shoulders, yelling and crying in hysterics. But I knew I wasn't going to make it through. Just as darkness took over completely, I heard a familiar, muscular voice yell my name.



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