Fangs and Claws - 2

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“D-d-dead?” I stuttered out, staring at them in disbelief. “And why would they think I fucking died?” I yelled at them, anger flaring up in me. 

“Because you did die, in a technical sense.”

I glared at them, more so at the one wearing the black-shirt, who had made that last comment. “If I died, then why the fuck am I living and breathing right now?” I challenged him.

“You’ve been reborn as a werewolf.”

“…A werewolf?” I deadpanned. 

“You see … the wolf that bit you was actually a werewolf. When a werewolf bites you, our canine teeth releases this venom that can either kill you or turn you into a werewolf. In your case, you were turned into a werewolf. In order to become a full werewolf, you supposedly “die” for about two weeks before you “resurrect”, I suppose, from the dead. When your resurrected, you’re a full fledge werewolf, “ the black-shirted man explained.

“And why didn’t it kill me?” I asked them.

“Because the venom didn’t enter your jugular vein. As long as we don’t bite your jugular, then you don’t die.” 

I nodded a bit before I turned to them. “So what happens now?” I asked them, knowing that if everyone thought I was dead, I couldn’t return to my regular life. “You can either go out in the world by yourself or maybe join a nomadic wolf pack or you can come with us to our pack.”

I weighed out the options. There was no way I was going out on my own. I didn’t even know that werewolves existed. What if there were some things I needed to know about being a werewolf, like what would I eat and what would I do? Also, joining a nomadic wolf pack would be okay, except that they’d be moving from place to place all the time. But if I go with this group, then maybe I can somehow fit in with them.

I sighed before I mumbled out my answer, which was received with a grin from one and an expressionless face from the other. I sighed again, hoping I made the right decisions.

“I’m Alex” the black-shirt guy said. “And that’s Colton.” 

I nodded in acknowledgment before I responded. “My name’s Jaydyn. But you can call me Jay.” 

Alex nodded before he motioned to me. “Come on. We got to start heading out if we want to be home by tomorrow.” Colton just followed after Alex as he began to descend down the hallway passed the door I was about to go through moments before. 

“Home?” I question Alex as I ran to keep up with them. 

“Yeah,” he answered without looking back at me. “It’s kind of like … the headquarters of our pack. We’re free to do pretty much anything, but we need to report back every so often so that Aiden and Rose don’t think that we’ve been killed or something.”

“Who are Aiden and Rose?”

“The Alpha and Beta of the pack. Aiden is the head of everyone and Rose is his paramour.”


“Stop asking so many damn questions!” Colton sneered at me. I glared at him before turning my head away. We finally came to the entrance way to the building we’ve been in. I looked up and shuddered when I realized where I was. 

“Stephan’s Morgue” screamed at me from the top of the building, the blood draining from my face. I was in a morgue? I sprinted away from Alex and Colton to a nearby bush and heaved up all of my stomach acids so that it now lay on the grass in front of me. A wave of dizziness hit me, causing me to fall on my knees, one hand holding my head while the other planted itself in the ground, closing my eyes as I tried to make the dizziness go away. I felt a warm hand cup around the back of my neck, slightly massaging it. I felt a bit better as I started to feel the dizziness spell ebb away. I looked up to see Colton there, his face emotionless, but he slipped his cold mask for a second, releasing a show of a worried, scared little boy. But that look left in a second. 

“Are you okay?” Alex asked, looking over me for anything that seemed obviously wrong.

“I’m fi-“

“It’s just a side effect from coming back to life. Once she eats and sleeps, she’ll be fine. But until then, she’ll be like this,” Colton said, cutting me off. I glared at him, but I had to quickly turn away to puke up more stomach acids. I heard him chuckle, but he continued to gently message my neck. For some reason, that felt really good. After I wiped my mouth with my shirt, since there really wasn’t anything else to do, I leaned against Colton, as I suddenly felt overly tired. I felt my eyelids began to close, Colton and Alex’s voice slowly seeping into my ears until I lost all consciousness.

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