Fangs and Claws - 3

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I felt the sunlight hit my face, causing pain to come to my eyes. I let out a low growl before I turned away from the source of the light. I blinked my eyes a few times, waiting for my blurry vision to clear up. But when they did, I had to blink a few more times before I opened my mouth to let a scream escape my throat, quickly scrambling away to the other side of the bed, causing me to fall to the ground with the sheets wrapped around my legs. I stared at the ruby red wolf that stood on the other side of the bed. 

I tilted my head, just staring at the wolf. The wolf was very beautiful, its fur shining healthily in the morning light, its hazel eyes reflecting its fur, making it seem as though it were made of fire. The wolf started to whimper, as if trying to get me to trust her. I lifted my hand up hesitantly, slowly bringing my hand to come to the top of her head, where I scratched the top of her head. She seemed to love it as she grinned at me, her tongue lolling out of her mouth.

I giggled a bit before I moved myself right next to her, spending the next few minutes just petting and playing with her. Soon, we were both lying down, her on her stomach on the bed while I laid my head down on her body as a pillow, slowly stroking her fur as the clock slowly let out it’s ‘ticks’ and ‘tocks’ ring through the quiet room. 

But the peace was destroyed when a knock reverberated throughout the room, causing the wolf to shift uncomfortably while I practically jumped out of my skin. I placed one of my hands on my shoulder as I took a deep breath and released it. 

“Yeah?” I answered, pretty much unladylike. 

The door opened up and Colton walked into my room first, followed by Alex. I raised my eyebrow as I stared at their half-naked forms. 

“Why the hell are you walking into my room with only a pair of pants on?” I asked them, crossing my arms across my chest. I subtly tried to look down at what I was wearing; glad to see that I was still wearing the jeans and band shirt I was wearing back at the morgue, chills running down my spine as I thought of that place. 

“I see you’ve found your kindred spirit,” Colton told me lazily, avoiding my question entirely as he looked at the wolf that laid next to me. 

“What’s a kindred spirit?” I asked him, deciding to lie back down on the wolf, who had calmed down and seemed to have fallen asleep for a bit. 

“It’s like your friend for life. All of us, werewolves, have one. They’re usually wolves, though it can be any animal really. It seems as though you lucked out in finding yours so soon.” Alex looked at me for permission as he reached his hand out. I slowly nodded, watching as Alex tried to lay his hand on his head. But the wolf snapped it’s jaws at him, his eyes getting a much more colder look.

“Jeez, your spirit is short-tempered,” Alex commented, cradling his hand to his chest as he glared at the wolf. The wolf just stared at him and let out a loud bark that sounded very much like a laugh. I chuckled along before I asked them what gender the wolf was. 

“It’s a boy, smart one,” Colton sneered at me, a smirk taunting me from his damn face. I glared at him before turning my attention back to my spirit. 

“Let’s see. I’m going to spew out some names and you just tell me which one you like, ‘kay?” I asked him, ignoring the snorts of laughter coming from the two other werewolves in the room. 

“Let’s see … Jake?” the wolf seemed to shake its head before looking at me expectantly.

“…Ace?” He seemed to like it as he stood up and licked me on my cheek. I giggled a bit before hugging him around my neck. 

“C’mon. We’re going down to breakfast. Are you coming or not?” Colton asked before he left the room. I sighed, irritated with his attitude before I followed after Alex. 


I sighed as I followed Alex, swiping a tray from the big stack of thin, black plastic before I followed Alex, glancing down at the food as I passed by. This building was the kitchen/cafeteria for the pack, serving food pretty much twenty-four seven. The building had row after rows of long table, leaving one end of the cafeteria free for the buffet-style settings for the food. I finally settled on a small bowl of fruit salad, apple juice, and a slice of pizza. As I turned around, I found that I had lost sight of Alex. I sighed irritably, closing my eyes as I slowly moved out of the way. I opened my eyes and made my way over to an empty spot on one of the wooden tables. 

I picked up my fork and slid a slice of strawberry into my mouth. I sighed contentedly before I continued on with my art of eating. I heard a plunk in front of me. I looked up, my hand holding my fork in my mouth. In front of me stood a girl with black hair and purple highlights, wearing a tight-fitted Linkin Park shirt complemented with a pair of purple skinny-jeans. I slowly put my fork down, smiling up at her.

“Hey. Your new to the pack, right?” She asked me, placing her tray of food right across from me. I nodded, spearing another strawberry to put into my mouth.

She grinned as she looked past me, waving someone over. “My name’s Lily by the way. Colton’s twin sister.”

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