Fangs and Claws-Prologue

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I stared out in front of me, my brown, almond shaped eyes watching the fading sunlight slowly blended in with the dark night, only lit up by the bright moon that hung over my head. I absently ran my tanned-colored hand through my dark brown hair, where it ended just short of my elbows. I couldn’t believe how bad this day had gone. First, I got suspended from school for swearing at a teacher. I mean, why do you suspend someone for saying a damn word? I shook my head as I started cursing out my teacher and principal in my head. Secondly, I got kicked out of my dad’s house for my suspension (although I believe that my stepmom had something to do with me getting kicked out) And lastly, my car broke down as I had tried to get to my mom’s house, which was an hour away from my dad’s house. But as a cold wind blew past me, I couldn’t help but let a violent shiver rake through my body. I couldn’t help but feel that this day was about to get worse. 

If you couldn’t tell already, my parents are currently divorced. My dad remarried over the summer to Elaine. Elaine is what you would call the “perfect Barbie.” In other words, perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect makeup, and a total bitch. He’s still too much of a pushover as always though, so whatever Elaine wants, Elaine gets. And she wants me out of the house. My mom on the other hand was more of the “All American” kind of girl. She has this hazel brown hair that she always put up and she wears jeans and a white cotton shirt most of the time. She’s nice, but she has a very bad temper, which was handed down to me. It drives my dad nuts. 

I looked up towards the moon, getting some comfort from it as I continued walking, and thoughts of my family whirling through my head. Suddenly, a howl ripped through the air, a shiver biting at my spine. I started to panic as I began running down the street, which wasn’t really helpful since I was nowhere close to my mom’s house. Suddenly, as I passed by the woods, I felt a pair of eyes on me before a wolf jumped out. I quickly stop, stumbling over my last few steps as I fell on my knees. The wolf stared at me, as though it were human rather than an animal. I couldn’t help but shiver at his eyes though. His eyes, although it seemed human, held this cold look in his eyes, as though it belonged to the eyes of a killer. I gasped as the wolf let out a low growl, slowly taking steps towards me as I just sat there stupidly. I know, stupid of me, right? But I felt as though I forgotten how to move my legs. 

I managed to pry my eyes away from the wolf to look at the moon. If I’m going to die, I’d rather have a pretty sight in mind as my last view rather than a wolf’s mouth open to eat me. I heard a growl before the wolf bit into my shoulder. I screamed out loud as the wolf released my shoulder to bit my torso. I fell onto my side, making the pain worse. I looked up at the wolf as it released me from its mouth, watching the wolf as it just stared at me. Hours seemed to have dragged by before I could feel sleep crawl up on me. I slowly closed my eyes as pain continued to ram into my body.

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