Fangs and Claws - 11

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I paced nervously outside the Alpha's door as Colton talked to them inside. I have no idea what they were talking about and it was driving me nuts. After what felt like forever, Colton walked out of the door, a grim look on his face. 

He grabbed my hand and dragged me behind him, his hold on my hand getting tighter and tighter. We walked in silence until we came to a room, Colton pushing me in gently before he came in himself, locking the door behind him. 

I looked around, assuming we were in his bedroom by the two beds pushed to opposite ends of the room, half the room claiming Colton's scent while the other held Alex's scent. 

"Um... Colton? Why is it so bad for that blood drinker to be here? He seemed ... decent enough," I asked, taking a seat on his bed. 

He just growled, pacing back and forth, not bothering to answer my question for several minutes. "Blood Drinkers are very dangerous, no matter what it may seem." he finally said, taking a seat next to me, grabbing my Han in the process. "When they're provoked or hungry, they <i>will</i> kill you. They don't have the restraint to hold back like we do. So it's dangerous for them to be around humans. And if that blood drinker wasn't distracted and known who we were, no doubt he would have tried to kill us."

I swallowed the lump that had grown in my throat, giving Colton's hand a squeeze. "Isn't there anything we can do to help them?"

He seemed hesitant, as though he didn't even want to think about it. "...Aiden told me how Rose came up with this supposed 'cure' for them," he said, dropping my hand to get up and continue his pacing. "but she said that the chance of surviving the process to make this cure is almost one to a million."

"I thought Henry said there was no cure?"

"Henry doesn't know about this. Only Aiden, Rose, and now me know of it."

"So what is this cure?"

He stared me at such a high intensity, I felt like I shouldn't have asked. "...If I tell you, you have to promise me that you won't even try to make the cure."

I froze. What if he or someone else I loved turned ink one of them though? I sighed, pretending to be deep in thought as I slid my left hand under my thigh. "I promise."

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