Fangs and Claws - 14

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"I love you," I told Colton, wrapping my arms around him tightly as he mimicked my actions. 

"i love you, too." 

Colton and some of the other werewolves were going to go out to meet Aiden and Rose to talk about what was going to be done about the Blood Drinkers. I couldn't help the leak of tears from escaping my eyes, causing Colton to pull away to allow him to look at me. 

"Hey. It'll be alright. We'll finally be able to defeat these monsters and we don't have to worry about someone turning into a Blood Drinker again." I just nodded, forcing a smile onto my face to help relieve some of his stress. 

"Just don't die on me, alright?" He grinned as he gave a huge nod, giving me a huge hug before he joined the rest of the group already starting to head out. 

I stared after him until his receding figure was no longer visible. I stood there for a few more minutes before I turned around and headed into my room to grab my bag.

As I began my walk away, I stopped and took one final look at my home for the past several weeks. I bit my lip before I turned my back, starting my trek as I looked at the map in my hands. The map itself a copy of the original map that was something I had taken from Colton's room. It had a few specific places where the headquarters of the Blood Drinkers were suspected to be, but only one was circled. That one spot was where Aiden himself had gone to and confirmed that it was indeed the official headquarters. It was also the farthest location on the map, about 6 miles away, so I had a lot of walking to do. 


I stared blankly at the small, white house in front of me. I don't know what i was expecting, but I never thought the headquarters for the Blood Drinkers would be this. I sighed before I hitched up my backpack up higher on my shoulder before I slowly crept towards the house, my eyes darting around to see any signs of life. i decided to avoid the door altogether and headed to the right side of the house. I groaned as I noticed that the windows were barred. I looked around and noticed a pine a bit to the side of the house, almost parallel to a balcony. I growled lowly in frustration as I began to shimmy up the tree, hoping to God that no one would look out the window or come outside. I was lucky to get my wish , although I got scared when someone had walked by the window. Luckily, that person didn't look out the window, but the adrenaline from the scare had encouraged me to get up that tree faster.Once I was leveled with the balcony, I gulped, noticing the distance between myself and the balcony. But i shook my head. I was going to die anyways. Might as well do it to the fullest. 

I wobbly walked on the weak branch, jumping towards the balcony when I heard a crack from under me. I bit my lip to keep in a scream as my ribs connected to the railing of the balcony. I grit my teeth as i pulled myself over the railing, looking around before I slowly opened the door, sighing in relief as I found it unlocked. I stepped in, a hand holding my already bruising side.


I pivoted around and looked at the person, who slammed the balcony doors shut and locked it, a malicious grin covering her face. She still had her black hair and purple highlights, looking exactly the same as before, only her cheek now barred the mark of the bat. 


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