Fangs and Claws - 13

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I froze, my grip on Luke loosening only the slightest. But that was enough slack for Luke to tug his arm away from me, hurrying down the halls as he continued his search for Lily. I turned to Colton, seeing his face empty, blank. "What does it usually means when a werewolf goes missing?"

His face showed pain as he opened his mouth. "It usually they've been turned."


it's been a week since she was gone. 3 days since Aiden and Rose had proclaimed Lily as one of the Blood Drinkers. 5 hours since I got my hold of the rather large vial of liquid nitrogen. Getting this had made me get into several arguments with everyone, me fighting with Colton the worse. No one knows what I'm going to do or even suspects that I'm going to do anything. They all think that I'm just moping around my room at the news of Lily being turned. But in actuality, I was getting ready to die. I had everything planned out to the very last detail. Today I would be making some final preparations for my plan before I executed it out tomorrow. In fact, that was what I was exactly doing at the moment. 

Rose and Aiden had gone off to meet with other werewolf alpha's to discuss the Blood Drinkers for the weekend, leaving their room empty. I quietly crept through the darken house, the clock downstairs chiming out 2 chimes. 2 in the morning. I slowly turned the doorknob to Aiden and Rose's room, my tense muscles relaxing as the door opened easily. I pushed the door in, revealing a simple room flooded with moonlight, only containing a queen sized bed, a desk, a double dressor, and a three closed doors. I walked over to the first door, opening it to reveal a bathroom. I frowned, closing it and opening up the second one. A closet. I crossed my fingers as I opened the third door, peaking my head in to see nothing. I reached my hand out and felt along the wall for a switch. I flipped it up, wincing at the light difference. I squinted at the brightly lit room as I took a look inside. The room was filled with shelves, file cabinets, tables, boxes and the sort. I grinned as I took in my lottery. I looked around the room, searching through all the boxes and shelves for that small thing. I opened up the very last box in the room and mentally smacked my forehead. I should have looked in this one first. I pulled out the vial with the label reading "Rose's Venom". 

I smirked before I slipped it into my pocket, cleaning up the room a bit to make it seem as though I was never their. I shut both doors as I exited the room, smiling brightly as I walked back to my room, the moonlight the only thing lighting my path.

I would soon begin my plan to save Lily.

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