Fangs and Claws - 12

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He stared into my eyes, calculating whether or not I was able to keep my promise. I kept a straight face, looking him right back in the eyes. He sighed, bringing his gaze down to stare at the ground. "...Fine..."

He took a seat next to me, lying down on the bed as he pulled me down as well, having me lie on top of him. I stared at his face, taking in all his features as his eyebrows squashed together. "Rose figured out the cure. But it would mean giving you're life up. You remember how the first ever Blood Drinker was made, right?" 

I nodded, a shiver running down my spine as I thought of the werewolves transformation into becoming one of them. 

"Rose thinks that a werewolf, not just anyone, would have to give up their wolf genes-"

"How is that possible?" I asked him, cutting him off. He scrunched his nose in dislike, probably annoyed I had just cut him off, but I didn't care at the moment. 

"It's kind of like extracting a vampire bat's venom. The werewolf would have to bite down on the cork of a test tube filled with liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen will pull out all of the werewolf genes in that person, but the liquid nitrogen will poison the person."

I shuddered, relaxing into Colton's touch as he began to rub circles along my spine. "...What do you do with the wolf genes."

He sighed, looking up at the ceiling. "The wolf gene would have to be given to the Blood Drinker. Once they get even a small amount of the new wolf gene, the non-mutated genes will fight off the mutated ones and turn the blood-drinkers back to normal."

I nodded, resting my head on his chest, his other hand resting on my head. "Did anyone try this yet?"

He nodded slowly, not stopping his movements. "Rose managed to extract some of her own wolf gene without killing herself, though she was very sick after she attempted to do it. They captured the Blood Drinker and gave him the cure. After a week, he was a werewolf again, no qualities of the Blood Drinker left."

"If you don't mind me asking, who was it?"

Silence echoed through the room. I lifted my head to look at Colton, seeing him look at me intently. "Me."

I forced my shock to the back of my head, reaching my hand up to stroke his cheek. I smiled at him, my smile growing bigger as his face showed confusion. "I'm glad you're cured." He smiled at me, hugging me closer to his body. 

"I am too."

He reached his head up, my lips slowly lowering to meet his. Once our lips touched, sparks ran down to the tips of my toes and ran back up, a shudder taking over my spine. I felt him smile as his tongue touched mine teasingly. I grunted as I slowly opened my mouth, letting his tongue enter my own mouth. 

We pulled apart after what felt like only seconds, both of us panting heavily as we tried to regain our breaths. I smiled down at him, rolling off of him and cuddling into his side. He smiled, curling one of his arms around my waist. "Will you be my girlfriend?" 

I grinned, my cheeks burning at the strain my grin was putting on them. "Of course." He smiled before he pecked me on the lips again, a crazy grin planting itself on both of our lips. We laid their for hours, just talking and exchanging pecks every now and then. But our peace couldn't last forever. 


I jumped out of my skin as I whipped my head over to the door, looking at the frantic Luke as he scanned my room hurriedly. "Lily's not here, is she?" He stated more than asked, quick to turn around to start searching somewhere else. I jumped out of the bed and ran over to him, holding on to his arm. 

"Luke, what's wrong?" I asked him, trying to keep my grip on his arm as he continued walking as though I wasn't trying to hold him still. 

He stopped, causing me to run into his back. I apologized, backing away to give him space, but never letting my grip on him loosen. 

"Lily's gone."

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