XII | Fatal Failure

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The assistant downstairs suddenly remembered that he forgot to give Alexander, Isabelle's operation forms, and so he went back up again. Just as he came out of the elevator, he saw someone sitting on his own in the long corridor. Even though they were quite a distance apart, he saw that the man, who had covered his face, sat with his shoulders trembling.

In that instant, the assistant froze on the spot and didn't dare walk forward. He quietly looked for a long time, but didn't disturb the miserable, distressed man. He only silently retreated into the elevator, as though he hadn't been there at all, hadn't seen a thing, and left.

He had been following Alexander for over seven years. In these long seven years, he had already married and had a kid. Yet, Alexander, who was older than him by a year, had been all alone in the world.

He was also curious, of whether Alexander actually had a woman he liked. That was until over half a year ago, when Alexander promised the Williams family to be James's replacement.

At the time, he was strongly against it. After all, it was practically nonsense. But the moment he saw Miss. Davis, that's when he knew Alexander wasn't actually all alone in this world. He already had someone he loved.

The assistant believed that no one in this world understood Alexander more than he did. He always knew that his background wasn't good, and he was an illegitimate child. Though he looked arrogant, cold, a lone wolf, virtuous and condescending, in fact, everyone saw he has a poor attitude...

But who would of thought that although there were two sons of the Williams family, one was a young master with the world around his fingers, and the other had the lowest standing in society. Without relatives or anyone to care for him, he relied on his own hard work to survive his teens. The only reason why he looked like he was heartless was actually because he didn't want anyone to see his pitiful and weak side.

The assistant believed that no one in this world could make Alexander feel warmth inside, besides Miss Davis. Otherwise, when the man wasn't paying attention, he wouldn't have caught him staring at Miss Davis, in a daze. Now that the baby was lost, he must be devastated beyond belief.


Outside Mrs Williams's bedroom, the steward silently called out to her, "Mrs Williams."

Mrs Williams looked towards the sleeping Mr. Williams, climbing softly off the bed. She took a jacket before leaving the bedroom. With a finger to her lips, she signaled for the stewardess to be quiet while they walked down the stairs.

The stewardess followed behind her closely.

The both of them walked out of the house to the empty garden before the stewardess spoke. "Mrs. Williams, Miss Davis has just been sent to the hospital, her baby having died in her stomach."

The night was late and the stewardess spoke in a low voice, emphasizing the last coupe words. Mrs Williams clenched her jacket, forcing a calm expression on her face as she looked at the lotus flower that had blossomed. After a long while, she nodded. "I understand."

She paused for a bit, then added, "You can leave now, I want to be alone."

"Yes, Madam," the stewardess replied and left respectfully.

A cold breeze blew past. Mrs Williams looked out at the calm waters, taking a deep breath.

To the eyes of others, she seemed to have the perfect family: a blissful marriage , a loving husband, and a filial son, but who knew that under the facade she had suffered so much?

Until James was three years old, she had naively believed that her life was indeed blissful, but that all ended when that women carried a child to her family, that was when she knew that her blissful life was such a big joke!

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