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Bringing the Nation's Husband Home III by Scarlett_Official
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home...by Scarlett (WEBNOVEL)
They both thought that they had missed out on each other, but neither was aware that they were each other's true love. He was the most beautiful memory of her youth, an...
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Bringing the Nation's Husband Home II by Scarlett_Official
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home...by Scarlett (WEBNOVEL)
Thirteen years ago, she fell in love with him. Because she was young and shy, she didn't dare confess her love. Thirteen years later, she was still in love with him. She...
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Mistakes and Reasons (Drarry) by Clevermess
Mistakes and Reasons (Drarry)by Drarry Duchess
13 years after the war, Harry found himself very happy. He was engaged to Ginny and watched over his godson Teddy. What happens after a relationship breaking secret gets...
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Duncan and Jacob by danteiram
Duncan and Jacobby Dante Vázquez García
When two kids meet at school, they start to have a particular relationship...
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Heart Says....💞 by BeTheOneAndOnlyy
Heart Says....💞by Yoel
~Heart says you who to choose~ A Journey... *The place you make loads of sweet memories > School* ≪A book Of My Memories≫ (:A Little bit of Imaginations included:) P...
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13 Years Later... by clari_luf
13 Years Later...by clari_luf
This story is about German and Angie, but 13 years later...
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what is our relationship? by magicglow11111
what is our relationship?by lavanya
starts from when shivay divorces anika...........a 13 years leap.
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Katrine and the blue dragon (PJO/HOO fanfic) by BirdLysdahl
Katrine and the blue dragon (PJO/H...by BirdLysdahl
(The story is based on my comic CHB you. Which is based on the Percy Jackson univers.) [Amazing cover by llamasrock12345] Katrine life is..... Different is the best word...
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hello everyone I'm Jessica and I'm 17 almost 18 and this is the story of my sexy baby sitter...
Why am I still alive? by thatsuicidalchick246
Why am I still alive?by thatsuicidalchick246
This is my real life story
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Wolf Of Steel <DISCONTINUED> by Binx_Kun
Wolf Of Steel by Zero
Raylove, a soon-to-be thirteen year old will find her mate soon. Werewolves find their mate at age 13 in this story. They have a goddess called Luna, who made the werewo...
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Life is hard by olivialanphear
Life is hardby olivialanphear
This story is about a 12 year old girl who is turning 13 and she loves to shop but has no money
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The 13th Mile [Completed] by Jesuis01
The 13th Mile [Completed]by Rosanna Raheem
"Your daughter is tired, something that sleep can't cure" A collection of poems narrating my thoughts, feeling and emotions in my 13th mile of life. Highest R...
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Before love💑 by TheRedSky12
Before love💑by TheRedSky12
This story contain two main characters . I am Jessica and Becket is my boyfriend. I'm thirteen year old writing a romantic story . Contain love from my heart and thinki...
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Vespera Zephirah by BaciaHeart
Vespera Zephirahby BaciaHeart
I am Ravia Zephirah. I am a average living girl who lives in Canada with her family and her friends. I have experienced a lot of betrayal and drama in my 13 years or liv...
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Misión Imposible by Milii_room
Misión Imposibleby Milii_room
Te llamas Milagros Tenes 13 años Vas a 3er año Vivís en Argentina Tenes solo una misión.....recuperar a tu ex
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Think Too Hardby A Small Town Loser
Too wise or too stupid take your pick. The thoughts of a dying 13 year old with the mind of an old man. People, ideals, sayings, emotions, all opinions on peoples respon...
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Blast Back into my Past by allieyah123
Blast Back into my Pastby allieyah123
Have you ever wondered if u can go back into time and see yourself when you were a child? Well Aylah Sanders, a thirteen year old girl finds out she has magical powers...
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