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Once Isabelle and Camila returned to the hotel , the latter pointed to the table, informing her friend, "Mr. Smith's assistant sent it over, he said that you didn't have much during dinner so he specifically got you some takeouts."

Isabelle stared at the food for a while before entering the bathroom.

When she came out, Camila sat on the bed, asking, "You're not eating?"

Isabelle ignored her and started to apply her skin care products in front of the mirror.

Camila ran over to the table barefooted and opened the box of food. "It looks yummy, Izzy. He treats you really well, he even noticed that you didn't eat much..."

Isabelle suddenly tightened her grip on the eye cream, squeezing a large amount out. She pulled some tissue in frustration, cleaning her hands before tossing the cream bottle onto the table. Climbing onto the bed, she covered her head with the blanket, pretending to be asleep.

Camila went quiet instantly.

The blanket sent Isabelle's entire world into darkness, she recalled the conversation that she had heard back in the restroom. Her suppressed feelings sent her into a frenzy once again. She continuously recalled the abortion papers that Alexander had signed, and she could no longer avoid her feelings.


Isabelle had always been trying to ignore his actions, but in the end, something on set happened that prevented her from ignoring him any longer. The devastating incident had happened suddenly and violently. It had thrown her completely off guard, as she had been living peacefully ever since she was ten and her parents died.

The day the incident happened was the fifth day of filming. They were in a rural area that not many people have been to, so no matter how much they had poured into the film, the conditions were still bad.

On that day, the weather had been unusually good with endless clear blue skies. It was the bluest that she had ever since with barely a cloud in sight. The sun shone brightly ahead and the flowers were in full bloom, the scenery was akin to a beautiful painting without any flaws; it was paradise.

When evening fell, the crew started to get tired, so the director allowed half an hour of rest before the next scene. But no one knew that the last scene would actually have such a gruesome incident.


The filming had been going on for five days and Alexander had followed for five days.

The conditions were bad, his assistant started to feel uncomfortable after living in comfort for such a long time. For the past few days, he had been camping in front of a fan an stuffing down watermelons.

Alexander, in comparison, was completely fine as though he had stayed in harsher conditions. Everyday, he would stare into his computer from nine to five, getting work done.

Today was no different. Before it was 5 pm, he had already finished all the work in his inbox. He leaned back on his chair, shut his eyes, and raised his hands to massage his stiff shoulders.

"Mr. Smith, have some watermelon, it helps with the heat." His assistant brought a plate the instant he saw that he had finished his work.

After a while, Alexander sat up straight and reached for a toothpick to grab a piece.

After just two bites, he placed the toothpick down and stood up. "I'll see how the filming is doing."

Alexander pulled the curtains open and walked out.

His assistant hurriedly placed the watermelon into the fridge before rushing to follow him to the set.

When they were about two hundred meters away, the director shouted, "Prepare!"

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