IX | Calm Before the Storm

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Isabelle froze, her entire body tensing. In the many years they had known each other, he had always called her Isabelle, Miss Davis... This was the first time he had called her so affectionately.

Isabelle clenched the car door tightly, even though she seemed calm, her heart was running.

Alexander seemed to have realized that in a frenzy, he had called her the name that he held deep in his heart. With a calm expression, he continued, "Remember to visit the doctor after visiting James, gastric problems can get troublesome."

"I will."

Isabelle felt an indescribable pain leaking from her heart. She struggled to smile back at Alexander as she bid him goodbye. Alexander nodded, his lips moving slightly, as though saying "Goodbye", but since the volume was so low, she couldn't hear it. She closed the door and headed for the hospital.

Alexander sat in the car alone, staring at Isabelle's back until she disappeared from his sight.

After a long while, he realized that all this while, he had been watching her back while she walked away.

Initially, he had watched her from afar when she went home. Back then, she was either with Sophia or bickering with James.

In high-school, there were several times when he would wait by the entrance in search of her back.

In college, every time she came to NY, he would secretly send her off from afar, not letting her know. He would stand outside the airport or the railway station, waiting to see the view of her back.

Even now, it was the same...

Many times, if she had just turned back, she would have been able to see him. But all this while, she had never turned back to glance at him.


James stayed on the top floor, in the first class ward. The Williams family had spent a large sum of money and power to book down the entire floor so that there wouldn't be many people.

The female guard that stood at the entrance recognized Isabelle and seemed to be waiting for her. The moment she saw her, she walked forward to lead her to the ward.

When she entered the ward, she saw a large group of specialists in white gowns crowding over James, doing checks.

Mrs Williams stood at the side, anxiously looking towards her son.

Isabelle walked over lightly, stopping beside Mrs Williams. She greeted her, "Auntie."

Mrs Williams nodded. She seemed to have cried, as her eyes were red and swollen. She looked at Isabelle and immediately reached out to grab her hands. "Izzy, you're here."

Isabelle nodded, looking towards the group of specialists. "James responded?"

"Yes, just now, when I was talking to him, I saw his fingers move." Mrs Williams seemed extremely agitated. "Izzy, James moved, I saw him, he grabbed here..." She lifted her right hand to the spot that James had touched, pointing to a specific spot. "Here, James touched me here!"

Just then, one of the specialists turned and walked towards Mrs Williams, removing his mask.

"How's my son?" Mrs Williams asked anxiously without waiting for the doctor to speak.

The man replied, "All of Mr Williams' vitals are fine. If he moved today, it means that he'll definitely wake up."

A wide smile broadened across Mrs Williams's face, her eyes glistened with tears. "Really? When will he wake up?"

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