XLII | Love Story

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Isabelle murmured "Who gave you the right?" several more times before looking up at the ceiling. She wiped her face off the endless tears, turning to stare out at the rain through the entrance of the cave.

Gradually, the image of how she fell in love with Alexander materialized in her mind. It was a rainy day just like today. Her heart started to throb, she could no longer bare it any longer, starting to cry once more.

This time, the cry was short. She quickly regained her senses, her long lashes were soaked with tear droplets as she stared at him. In a resolute voice, she said, "Alexander, seriously, I can understand what you did, I'm James's wife in name, the child wasn't meant to be alive, but even if i can understand your intentions, I can never forgive you.

"I can never be as ruthless as you are..."

Her voice turned weak. She always thought that the most torturous thing in the world was not being able to love, but right now, she realized that the more torturous thing was that after what he had done, she still couldn't stop loving him.

She buried her head between her knees, speaking in a sorrowful voice, "If you have been treating me well because of guilt, you can forget it because you'll never be able to compensate for what you did..."

Her question seemed to have caught Alexander off guard, it was only now that he was able to process what had happened. Isabelle had found out about the abortion? But he had already silenced the doctors and nurses with a huge sum of money...

Just when he was still pondering on how she had found out, he heard her last sentence: "You can forget it because you'll never be able to compensate for what you did..."

A glimmer of hope rose. With bright eyes, he finally said, "You didn't want to have anything to do with me because you thought I had aborted the child?"

His question seemed to have caught her off guard this time. She clenched onto her collar, not daring to look at him as her eyes started to turn red once more. In a seemingly soulless voice, she said, "You really killed my child...."

As opposed to her despair, Alexander was visibly agitated. He reached out to grab her shoulders, persisting with his question. "Izzy, answer my question first, you never wanted to see me again because of the child?"

Isabelle buried her head further into her knees. She moved her shoulders, trying to free herself from him.

Alexander exerted more pressure as he asked once more, "Answer me..."

Before he could finish his question, she abruptly lifted her head. With a face full of hatred, she spat out, "Yes!"

Isabelle had only said a word, but it was enough. A dazzling bright smile spread across Alexander's face. He pulled her into his arms and embraced her tightly.

Isabelle was in despair and felt like dying but he had on a smile on his face? Even if she had a mild temper, she couldn't help getting infuriated. She struggled with her entire body, trying to free herself from his embrace, but Alexander exerted more strength, successfully caging her in his arms. It was as though he was trying to meld her into his body.

She started to get increasingly furious, she opened her mouth and bit down on his shoulder.

Alexander trembled, clearly in pain, but he had no intention of letting her go.

In Isabelle's desperation, tears started to fall out once more, her entire body trembling. When she could feel herself dying inside, she suddenly heard Alexander's whisper.

"Izzy, you indeed got an abortion and I had indeed signed the papers, but I didn't have a choice, the child..."

He had thought that she hated him but only now did he realize that it was because of the child.

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