LVI | Falling

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When Alexander's assistant came back with his phone and voice recorder, he realized that the office was empty, and there were two porcelain cups on the table. The milk tea and coffee had already gone cold, so he went to ask the secretary to find out what had happened. When he found out who had come over, realization started to dawn on him. He hurriedly returned to his own office to get Alexander's clothes before leaving.

The assistant has been following Alexander for many years, he knew all about his habits that Isabelle wasn't aware of.

Whenever he was upset, he would run, so he drove straight to the gym that Alexander frequented.

The gym instructor recognized him when he saw him coming and immediately led him to the private room that Alexander was in.

The instructor might have been able to tell that Alexander was in a bad state, for he left after leading the assistant to the room.

He knocked on the door but there wasn't a sound. When he entered, he saw Alexander running on a track with his headphones on.

The assistant didn't disrupt him. He placed the things that he had brought along at the side before sitting down silently.

Alexander counted every step he took inwardly. When he reached ten thousand, he finally stopped.

His entire body was soaked with sweat. His assistant stood up instantly to pass him a bottle of water.

Alexander tossed his head back, sweat dripping down his hair, and downed almost the entire bottle.

When he stopped, his assistant pulled out his phone and a voice recorder. "Mr. Smith, here's the things you wanted."

Alexander tossed the bottle in the bin, then used a towel to dry the sweat before reaching over to take the things.

"Mr. Smith, did you fight with Miss Davis?"

Alexander ignored his question, silently raising the voice recorder to his ear to listen to the contents. When he made sure that there wasn't a problem, he placed it beside his phone and entered the shower.

As the hot water drizzled down his body, Alexander shut his eyes, replaying the events that had happened in the afternoon.

The scene in the afternoon was not what he had expected.

In his worst scenario, he had expected Isabelle to scold him furiously, and because of that, he had prepared the recording of him and Mrs. Williams.

But the mishap was in that he had gotten angry at her...

He took over Williams Enterprise only because Mrs. Williams had killed their baby and hurt her, but the moment she had compared him to James, he was infuriated.

But as he ran, using up all his energy, venting all his emotions, he clearly understood that his anger probably arose because of James's words. James was his brother after all, and he wasn't able to disregard the emotions his words brought out, even though he knew that he was speaking out of fury. He just couldn't help feeling... angry. And Isabelle's words just made his anger erupt.

After he showered, he wrapped a towel around his waist. His assistant carried his clothes to him. "Mr. Smith, here's the clothes you got me to order for tonight's dinner."

The assistant emphasized on "tonight" and "dinner", and just then, Alexander saw a faint glimmer of dilemma in his eyes.

His assistant had reminded him beforehand that Isabelle would be unhappy if she found out about the takeover, and at that time, he had reassured him... Look what happened... He just left in frustration...

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