Untitled Part 20

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"It'll be twenty dollars please sir."

Logan nods at the cashier and dives his hand in his pocket to look for a dollar bill. He finds it, but he also finds something else that he takes out with the money without really thinking about it. Automatically.

He doesn't pay any attention to it at first, and just hands the bill to the cashier, before taking the packs of beer he just bought, and exits the small convenience store with heavy steps.

It's only when he's outside and in front of his bike, putting the beers in his duffle bag, that he looks at what he caught with the dollar bill.

His heart drops.

And memories come flooding. Overwhelming him a bit.

But of course, he hasn't worn this jacket since he left. He completely forgot about what was in its pockets besides the money he shoved in when he grabbed it to go buy some alcohol...

He stares at the object for way too long.

He knows he shouldn't do this to himself. Nostalgia washes over him. Sadness and guilt makes his heart beat faster. And for the million times since he ran away from the the Xavier's school for gifted youngsters, he wonders : why ?

Why did he leave ? Without a word at that ? Why couldn't he face his feelings ? Why, despite knowing that it always hurt him and those around him, did he keep pushing the one he loves away, and leave them behind ? ...

He doesn't have an answer.

He doesn't even understand himself.

Does he do it to save them from the death, pain and misery that comes with being acquainted with him ? Or does he do it so that he doesn't get hurt ?

He can't answer his own questions...And the more he stares at what he found in his pocket, the less he knows and understands.

It's a picture of you. A picture he took because he wanted to remember how you were that day. Or rather, that night. One of the best night he ever had.

On the picture he grips tightly between his fingers, almost crumpling it, you're sitting on a rock, smiling at him. You're sitting on a rock and behind you, a huge cliff. You're somewhere in the Canadian rockies, high up. Surrounded by bright stars, the full moon shining high up in the sky. Wrapped in his comfy leather jacket.

It's an amazing picture. A perfect one.

Because you're on it and look so damn happy. Because you're smile is the best thing he ever seen. Because the sky behind you is magical, the stars and Moon more beautiful than ever, but not as gorgeous as you.

And because he loves you.

...Because he loves you. Because he fucking loves you.

With a growl, he makes a move to throw the picture away but...He cannot do it.

Shoving it back in his pockets with another throaty growl, he shakes his head.

No matter how hard he tries, he cannot forget, he cannot put behind him how perfect that night was. How perfect you were...He remembers everything with great details.


He remembers everything with great details.

It started in the late morning of a summer day, with him taking your hand and leading you to his truck. Not answering any of your questions, wanting to surprise you. Driving for a few hours, your head on his shoulder, him sometimes kissing your forehead from times to times. The both of you smiling like idiots.

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