"Turn right...No, the Other right !" (Tony Stark x Daughter!reader)

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You know those stories about how, when you're about to die, you see your all life pass in front of your eyes ? It's not quite true. At least not in your case.

Nope. Instead of your entire life, you just remembers moments. Small defining moments of pure...stubbornness.

As long as you can remember, you've always been ridiculously stubborn.

Your earliest memory is you, in a prestigious pre-school, being about three, and refusing to draw what the teacher was asking you to draw just because he didn't say "please".

Once he finally said an exasperated "please", you answered : "That didn't sound real" and crossed your arms, looking at him intensely, making him completely uncomfortable.

Just because someone didn't say "please" while asking you to do something, and then said it but it didn't sound real...you decided that you wouldn't do anything he would ask you to do.

It lasted three days, before they dared to call your father in. Your dad took a few hours off of his busy schedule to come, worrying that something bad might have happened, only to find your tiny self sat in a huge chair in the principal's office, arms crossed, pouting, and for said principal to say :

-She hum...Your daughter...Well...She refuses to do anything because she says her teacher is a "tyrant". God only knows where she learned that word...

Your dad sunk down in his chair, and, face palming himself, rolled his eyes to the ceiling...Oh my oh my oh my. Of course you would...

Yup. Your earliest memory was about how stubborn you were.

Hell, apparently, even before this memory of yours you were already rather stubborn.

Your father told you stories about how, when you were a baby, you would cry (a sweet and rather small little cry) because you were hungry, but then, you'd refuse to eat if it didn't arrive fast enough, as if to say : "Yeah I'm hungry right now but oops now it's too late, I won't take it...", only to cry again once they would take the food away.

When you were one, you escaped your crib by climbing out of it, and arrived in your dad's workshop, looking rather annoyed he trapped you there.

Any sort of park for kids or protection barrier received the same treatment...Hell, once, your dad decided to block the entrance to his workshop (those stairs terrified him, he was so scared you'd fall int hem) with two baby gates ! Leaving only a small interstice at the top and...he found you behind him a couple of hours later. He couldn't believe his eyes, when he watched the security footage, and saw you climb BOTH GATES and squeeze through the hold on top of it.

If you wanted to get down in your dad's workshop, then you would, and no one seemed to be able to stop you...Already so damn stubborn. How the Hell could you escape every single baby sitters' (even Pepper) attention anyway ? Seriously, it took only two seconds of looking away for you to disappear.

Apparently as well, when you were two, your favorite dessert was chocolate fudge...however, one day, your dad bought one for you, and said something like : "I know you're dying to eat it, come on little one, let's get in front of an animated show and eat your favorite dessert !" and just because he assumed you wanted chocolate fudge, you refused to eat it...How dare he ?

At least, that's what your dad said, because now, you hated chocolate fudge sooooooo...Wait, was it because one day, he just assumed you wanted some and it annoyed you ? No, you weren't that stubborn, were you ?

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