Baby Rogers - Steve Rogers x Reader

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Summary : Reader is pregnant, and she has no idea how she's going to tell Steve...The other Avengers try to help.


Shit. Shit shit shit shit SHIT. You knew there was nothing to be afraid of, that he was going to be great as usual...but you were scared shitless.

Were you ready to have a baby ? You didn't really know, the only thing you were sure of was that if you ever wanted kids, it was with Steve. He proposed to you a few months ago and you were suppose to get married the coming summer, a child wasn't really part of the plan. However, the more you thought about it, the more you smiled...But was he going to be as happy ? You were totally freaking out, alone in your bathroom, glad that he wasn't home right now. He would have totally understand that something was wrong with was fairly obvious really. So you were glad to be alone. Well, not really. You wished you had someone to tell, someone that wasn't your fiancé.

You bolted out of your bathroom, grabbing a jacket, and went to the Avengers' Tower common room, hoping to find a friend there. While you walked to the common room, you started to panic. You knew Steve, he would never hurt you...So what if he didn't want a kid, but just to please you would act as if it was OK ? What if he decided that he didn't wanna marry you anymore, and you suddenly found yourself raising a kid alone ? Granted, it wouldn't be that difficult, you being a Stark, but...You were never so glad to see your brother, chilling in the common room with your friends. They were all there. Wanda, Natasha, Thor, Clint, Vision and Bruce.

You came in awkwardly, and they didn't notice you right away.

Tony was trying to explain how computers worked to Thor, and clearly, he was about to give up. Clint was checking his arrows. Natasha was in a deep conversation with Bruce, and Wanda and Vision were...Cooking ? You weren't sure. You didn't care.

-Oh hey lil' sis, do you want to take my place and try to knock some knowledge into the God of Thunder's brain ? Literally. I feel like the man only understand violence.

-I do not, it's just that...your Compopper is confusing.

You laughed as you took a sit in the couch across your brother and Thor.

-...Computer honey, computer.

-Whatever, it's confusing, it doesn't make sense. In Asgard, when we want to know something, we go to the tree of Knowledge, and it answers us. We don't have to type many words in the Google to...find things that aren't even related to what you want to know !

Laughter took over all of you, and you felt more relaxed all of a sudden. So relax in fact, that you didn't realize what you were about to say before you said it.

-Hahaha I'm pregnant.

Silence. You were still laughing, not registering what you just said. Until you did. And you laughed nervously.

-Hum...I'm joking ?

No one believed you. They were all stunned. Tony was the first to speak.

-Is it Cap's ?

-Of course it's his who do you think I am ?

-My sister.

-Haha you know I'm nothing like you on that matter.

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