The King's Fury - (T'Challa x Reader)

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I have received A LOT of requests for a story with T'challa lately...I wonder why... So I haven't seen the movie yet (and I will personally eliminate anyone who spoils it for me, even if it's just a tiny bits spoil), so this story is mostly based on comic book T'Challa. Anyway, finally, here's a story with the Prince of Wakanda, hope you'll like it :

The rain had been falling on NYC for the past week, and the general atmosphere in the crowded streets was quite morose.

Some would argue that new yorkers already had the reputation to not be particularly pleasant, but when it rained ?

Almost everyone was moody and annoyed.

You were riding in a bulletproof car, going towards the Avengers headquarters (soon to be moved upstate...where it was sunnier).

Next to you, your father was looking out of the window, as morose as ever...

You kinda understood why. And the weather had nothing to do with it.


He had spend so much time and energy protecting you, "shielding" you from the very men who gave him orders (though most of the time he had his own agenda, determined to protect his country).

But you had been stupid. Careless. Reckless even.

You just...couldn't help yourself ! It was instinct ! What were you suppose to do ? Just stand there and look at people dying without doing anything ?!

You'd say it's in your blood but your dad adopted you and you had no idea who your real parents were so...but it was in every fiber of you ! In ever lesson your father gave you !

So sure, he always said your life came first. He would let the World burn if it meant saving you. You were his only weakness, and you knew it and...oh great, just another reason to feel guilty you blew it all up !

He always said your life came first...but he had passed enough to you for you to know better.

If you could save even just one life, you were going to do it.

It was just a shame that this time, you didn't have time to leave discreetly before the authorities came...New York's finest, the NYPD, arrived just as you were leaving and though everyone was saying you saved them from ARMED ROBBERS (that you had all tied up for them), they took you to their precinct, where S.H.I.E.L.D agents were waiting for you.

Oh this was bad. This was what your father tried to protect you from ! Maybe you should have had gotten rid of those cops ? A few high kicks to their faces, and use of your telekinetic powers and it would have been done...Oh but this was NYC. There were cameras everywhere.

And those around the bank ? Well they definitely recorded your face perfectly. You were doomed in any case, you showed too much.

And so here you were, sitting in an interrogation room in front of fucking S.H.I.E.L.D agents !

One of those agents was the director himself.

Nicolas Fury.

...Your father.

You wished you had had a camera to record his face when he saw that the "potential unregistered mutant" who was being an "illegal vigilante" was you.

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