PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY STORIES ANYWHERE WITHOUT PERMISSION, PLEASE DO NOT TRANSLATE MY STORIES INTO ANOTHER LANGUAGE TO THEN REPOST THEM, (even if you give "credits"; it's still not cool, nobody pays attention to that which is clear from the comments left on stolen stories + if you don't have the permission why would you repost someone else's hard work ?). And it's super disheartening + makes me want to never share my work ever again. By now, everyone on the internet knows that reposting art or stories, or downright stealing, is not cool. No excuses. Stop doing it, please. You're the reason so many artists and writers are driven away from posting online. 

Hi :) I'm Ella and because people kept STEALING my stories and posting them on this website, I decided I would actually post them myself and boom hopefully we're done with the damn thieves (spoiler alert : we're not, I constantly get people who report to me some of my stories being reposted on Wattpad obviously without my consent :'().

This is my ONLY wattpad account, and if you see my stories anywhere else than on ArchivesofourOwn, Tumblr or here (under either Ellana-Ravenwood for Tumblr and here or EllanaRavenwood for AO3), then a human piece of trash has stolen it (if that's the case, please tell me so I can ask them nicely to take it down :). It's super frustrating when you work hard on something and someone just repost it as their own and get all the "glory"... :/).
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Stories by Ellana-Ravenwood
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Marvel reader insert extravaganza ! by Ellana-Ravenwood
Marvel reader insert extravaganza !
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