Midsummer Queen (Thor x Reader)

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Summary : Reader is in an established relationship with Thor, and he decides to finally take her to Asgard. She's not sure she likes the idea...


You almost threw up.

You weren't really expecting the travel from Earth to Asgard to be this...special. Your entire reality warped, extended, everything went so fast and was so bright and oh my god why so many different colors...and then all of a sudden, it stopped, leaving you wanting to vomit your guts everywhere.

You didn't though. Thank God (or Gods ?). You held a bit tighter Thor's hand though, and wished really hard that the world would stop spinning. He misinterpreted your clinginess with excitement, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. Great, more support. You let your body slumped on his side, glad that sometimes, your boyfriend was so oblivious to things. If he knew you felt ill, he would have freaked out and you'd have been ridiculous in front of the little audience that was there...

A few people were waiting. You didn't know most of them but you recognize Thor's friends, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun and...Sif. Damn, she was beautiful. Thor told you about her when you asked about previous girlfriends, apparently, they had a thing, but it never really worked out...She was staring at you coldly. Great. A new friend already...

-Welcome to my home, my love. This is Heimdall, the gate keeper. Good friend of mine. You already know those four, and that's my mother, Frigga, and my father, Odin. Everyone, may I present to you Lady Y/N, my woman.

You couldn't help but smile at how he called you. "My woman". On Earth, most people would think it was a bit rude to call one's girlfriend like that. But Asgard wasn't Earth, and obviously, it was totally normal. But as soon as you realized you were actually in front of Thor's parents, you started to get extremely nervous again. You knew it was a bad idea to come here...


Earlier in the week :

-You want me to what ?

-Accompany me to the Midsummer's celebrations on Asgard.

-What is that ?

-It's a celebration we have on Asgard, on the day that marks Midsummer.

-...Yeah, thanks honey, that cleared it up for me. I exactly know what to expect now.

-You're very welcome my love.

You shook your head and smiled, you loved him, but damn he never understood sarcasm...It was cute.

It was early in the morning when he asked you to come with him (for the first time !) back on Asgard, and your mind still fogged by sleep didn't quite register everything. Like, the fact that he was actually planning to take you to Asgard...So you said : "sure why not" before taking your first coffee, and realized later that it was probably a big mistake.

You ? Sarcastic little shit you ? Very short human being you ? On Asgard ? Surrounded by Gods who could crush you with one finger if they felt like you disrespected them ? Yeah. It didn't really struck you as a good idea.

But it was too late now. You couldn't back out of the plan. Simply because Thor looked so exited and...you just didn't have it in you to ruin his mood by refusing to go in his home world. You knew he would be hurt if you did. He would question himself too much if you just told him you didn't wanna go after saying "yes" first, thinking maybe he did something wrong yaddi yaddi yadda...

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