"I popped Captain America's Cherry" (Steve Rogers x Reader) NSFW

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Steve Rogers is (was) a 90 years old virgin, someone had to "pop his cherry" one day you know. Just so happened it was you. Slightly NSFW. Well, actually, totally NSFW. Let's just say it. First times and stuffs.


Being Tony Stark's little sister wasn't always easy. You couldn't count the number of times you had to go pick him up somewhere because he was too drunk to come home on his own. Or the times you were waking up to go to school only to be met with a naked woman walking casually around...and getting suddenly flustered when she realized that Tony's little sister was living with him. Or the times he just embarrassed you in general. Or when paparazzis just chased you everywhere just because you were his sister. Or just all of the Iron Man thing. You were in danger all the time, just because you were his sister...

Tony was twenty when your parents died, you were just a four year old at the time, and didn't understand what was happening...Most of your childhood had been a bit chaotic. But you ended up fine, with all of his flaws, your brother still took good care of you. The perks of being rich really, an army of nannies were there when he wasn't.

Yes, being Tony Stark's sister wasn't always easy. But it definitely had its good sides. Your life was NEVER boring, and you always met interesting people.

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, was one of those people. You guys "clicked" right away. You loved his gentlemanly way, and he loved the fact that you were always very careful not to make him uncomfortable by talking about something he didn't know. You were very aware that he wasn't from your era, and that sometimes, he struggled. You also were the only one to acknowledge the fact that he might have PTSD from WWII. And unlike most men, he really wasn't interested in your money and fame that came with the package of being a Stark. He liked you just the way you were, and vice versa. Unlike your brother you never mocked him when he was confused about something from the modern world. You loved hearing about when he was in the forties, and you felt that talking about it made him feel better. After all, everything and everyone he knew was long gone, that had to take a toll on your mind...It became a habit for the two of you to meet every day for lunch and just talk about anything.

Today wasn't an exception, and for some reasons, the conversation diverged on romantic relationships.

-So...after Peggy, you never...?

-You know Y/N, I didn't woke up that long ago. Didn't really had any time to. I don't even know if I actually want to. Modern women are so...

-Oh. Yeah. I understand. I mean...Yeah, I get it. It's not easy when things change, so, I guess when your all world change it's...uh...really not easy.

He smiled to you, and you melted. God you liked his smile.

-You're too sweet Y/N. Really.

-I'm not Steve, it's just...I get it.

A confortable silence installs itself between you two. He breaks it.

-What about you ? Is there anyone in your life ?

-No, not anymore. Use to, a while back. Didn't work out. And now...you know, being a Stark isn't easy. Most men just want to be with me for my money, for the publicity, or just to fuc...I mean, sleep with me.

-Most men you met are pigs then.

-Well, except for fancy parties I rarely have time to socialize, so, yeah, I guess they are. Except...You.

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