"Not my daughter you bitch !" - Wolverine x Wilson!Reader

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It's his calloused fingers running down your back and shoulders that woke you up, as you were peacefully sleeping on your belly...

It happens often, that he wakes you up in such a way.

You always fall asleep in each others' arms, but as you both have quite an agitated sleep, more often than not, you drift away during the night, only to be awoken by his tender brushes.

His touch is soft and careful, and oh the complete opposite of what people would think it would be like.

After all, he has...quite the reputation.

The Wolverine.

Harsh and tough, loner (even though he was in more teams than you had fingers), troubled, sad and violent, haunted by his past and constantly worried about the future...

The best there is at what he does, but what he does...isn't very nice.

Except when he caresses you lovingly like that.

Except when he shows his sweet side, side that only you and a few close friends know exists.

You were the only woman that was able to tame the savage Wolverine into a love sick puppy...In his long life, Logan never felt such strong feelings towards someone.

He fell in love before, but no one compared to you.

It was almost crazy to him. He already loved some people to death, so much he thought that when they were gone, he would never be able to heal or love again.

Mariko, Jean, Silver Fox...

But somehow, you trumped them all.

Yes. He fell in love before, but no one could ever even be on your level.

You taught him that he was allowed to be happy, and to stop dwelling in his past so much. Which changed his life.

He couldn't feel guilty forever about those he lost, especially not when you were by his side...And oh, if only you knew how much he loves you, all your insecurities about you not being the love of his (long) life would disappear.

All your fears about not being his one, and just replacing his past loves would simply vanish...

But no matter how many times he told you he loves you, you'd always be a bit insecure about everything...Which is why he made it his mission to cherish you every day, to the point that his "travels alone in the wilds" would now be "travels with you and only you in the wilds".

You were the first one he brought with him along his spiritual journey across the Canadian wild, and such.

Yes. No one else ever made him feel like that , and he realized that, whenever he thought he was in love...it wasn't truly what it was, as the love he had for you...It was just so strong, that it almost hurt him physically.

He was always so scared of something happening to you, even if you were a powerful mutant that could definitely handle herself and...Your sigh of content, as he runs his rough fingers on your back, is what brings him back to reality.

What stops his train of thoughts about you deserving better than him...Oh man, you'd kick him in the nuts so hard if you knew that he was thinking that.

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