Hope (Wolverine x Reader)

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Because I haven't written anything with Logan in a while, and because his return back to life inspired me (no offense to "Old Man Logan", Laura, Daken, Jimmy and all those people but...I missed the original Logan so damn much <3, I'm just so fucking happy he's back, only good news lately. Anyway, I'll shut up or I'll ramble about his resurrection and the fact that the has an infinity stone and all that shit for HOURS...OK I SHUT UP NOW). Here's a story with my first favorite superhero ever (still my favorite, with Bruce right on his ass), because I just needed to write about him in those tough fucking time I'm going through. Boom. Hope you'll like it :

-Oh my God...Logan ? Is it really you ?

Ororo Munroe just couldn't trust her eyes.

Logan...But was it really him ? He has been gone for so long, almost three years now, that all hope for him to come back was no more ! It happened before, in the X-Men, that one of them would "miraculously" come back from the dead, but it usually wouldn't take that long !

But...Was it him ? She couldn't be sure, she saw too many things in her life not to be suspicious !

Was it Mystique playing a mean trick on her ? Or maybe another shapeshifter or something/someone of the like, that just thought it was funny to bring back that damn "hope" to the Wolverine's friends ?

-Yes 'Ro. It's me.

His voice, his smell, the way he was standing, his half-smile...a shapeshifter could copy all of that to perfection ! Especially one that knew him well, like Mystique for example.

Oh but his next words ? His next question ? The first thing that came through his mind as he just supposedly came back from the dead, and made his way back to the X-Mansion...Convinced Ororo Munroe that it was really one of her best friend. That it was really Logan...

He just had to ask :

-Where is she ? Where is (Y/N) ?

And Ororo knew it was the real Wolverine.

She lunged in his arms and he hugged her back, smiling. Everything was kind of a blur in Storm's mind but she thinks she remembers calling the rest of their friends over, her screams getting carried by the wind all through the mansion.

Kurt was the first one to arrive and...he bursted out in laughter at the sight of his best friend standing there, alive !

-Hey Elf.

Logan said with a smile...He didn't had time to say anything else because Kitty jumped in his arms too, and the rest of the X-Men arrived. Suddenly, they all started to ask him a million things, all at the same time, while all he wanted was to know where the love of his life was, where you were hiding...Maybe you had class right now, unaware of the commotion Logan's return was provoking !

Soon enough however, the noise of it all attracted the entire school !

Everyone cheered the Wolverine's resurrection (he was gruff and tough, indelicate and sometimes downright mean...but no one was fooled by his rough demeanor anymore, at the Jean Grey's school for higher learning. Everyone knew he actually had a heart of gold and liked and admired him...though most of them would never admit it).

Logan knew he had a lot of explaining to do but...he couldn't right now. He had only one thing on his mind and, scanning the crowd gathered around him, couldn't find it. He couldn't find you.

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